3 ideas for a weekend at a hotel in the woods by the lake

What if you could just drop everything and go to a hotel in the woods?
Get away to the real wilderness, without the noise of the city, access to the virtual world?
Just you and nature, true relaxation close to nature.
It is possible and very much needed by us busy people.
As we rush through the week at work, let's at least give ourselves a real break on the weekend.
What do hotels hidden in picturesque forest nooks offer us?

1. hotel offers for the busy and tired
2. relax close to nature package
3. 100% ZEN Package
4. yoga in the forest package
5. package for the sporty active


What do the best hotels on the lake offer us, in the total wilderness?

The offer of the hotel in the forest by the lake is addressed not only to amateurs of survival experiences, or amateurs of close contact with the forest adventure.
A short weekend in such a "camouflaged" location is a ready recipe for relaxation after a corporate marathon.
Do you associate staying in a hotel in the woods with just sitting in a room and being completely bored?
Nothing could be further from the truth.

After all, this weekend you're supposed to be resting, recharging your batteries, regenerating your strength for another difficult week in Mordor.
The package of such a stay includes not only rest in the room, but also active relaxation in harmony with nature.
An additional advantage of this package is undoubtedly the location, and more specifically the nearby lake and forests.
Staying during the summer is a pleasure.
We can then use the equipment for water sports, or bask on the beach.
The other seasons also encourage communing with nature.
An active walk along a lake or through the woods will certainly be more appealing and healthier than jogging in a crowded city.
Rest wisely and take advantage of access to fresh air. Weekend at the hotel in the woods by the lake is sure to do you good.

Forest. Silence. Lake. The best hotels close to nature offer a lot of

Hotelthat offers you relaxation close to nature, look for one close to your home.
May you want to end up wasting half your weekend traveling to your destination.
Of course, we agree that a week in the mountains is just relaxing close to nature.
Just being surrounded by such beautiful views is already relaxing in itself.

However, not all of us have the opportunity to escape to the mountains for a week, not all of us can simply afford it.
The best hotels near forests and lakes in the center of Poland or in Masuria are in no way different from resorts in holiday resorts.
Choose an attractive location, check out the stay offer carefully and book a weekend reset.
What packages can you take advantage of?
Here are some suggestions for lakeside lodging in the woods.
We put relaxation and rest first.


Silence, the sound of the lake outside the window, picturesque forest surroundings right next door. True peace and regaining balance is the recipe for the day.

All this in the temple of peace and beauty in the SPA cabinet.
The Zen SPA package includes relaxing massages, a session in the Finnish sauna and relaxation in silence in the salt cave.
Treatments are very pleasant and beneficial to our health. For years we have been going to spa hotels to relax and unwind.
Take a look at the offer of the hotel of your choice, choose a massage and additional treatments.

You have something to choose from: hot stone massage, classic relaxing massage or hot chocolate massage.
Accommodation packages spa, which are mainly focused on calming the body and relaxation in the beauty salon, have permanently entered the offer.
This is obviously a response to market needs. The proposal of such "zen stay" is used mainly by busy members of large corporations. You can compose spa packages yourself and create your own individual relaxation close to nature.

When it comes to this nature, don't forget that you are in a picturesque area in a hotel in the woods by the lake.
Use your stay in such a place for morning gymnastics on the beach, jogging in the woods. Enjoy the fresh air, there's no such thing in the city 😉 Go to a place where your body and mind will experience peace and relaxation

Yoga in the forest

Our next proposal is addressed to yoga fans.
This will be a 3-day total body calming program.
Everyone, not only amateurs of this sport, can be tempted to such a screening.

The yoga in the woods package is a time when you will take care of your health and self-development, because in addition to the sessions in the gym, you will also get healthy food in the package.
Rest assured this is no restrictive diet, however this weekend is to benefit your health. Put your body on a detox and an easy to digest diet for these 3 days.

You will explore the secrets of yoga under the guidance of a professional instructor who will teach you to work with your body, breath and emotions.
Yoga classes are not just about exercise. You will get to know yoga from the inside out, take part in theoretical meetings and breathing exercises.
Just think a yoga session in a big glass studio with huge windows overlooking the lake. That's how you can relax and recuperate.

If this is your first time with yoga, don't give up so quickly.
Hotels in the forest by the lake have such stay packages in their regular offer.
Set a goal and pursue yoga weekends at the lake with commitment. The best spa hotels draw well-known names in the industry for yoga classes. You will have the opportunity to learn from the best instructors in the country.
Yoga in the forest

The best active rest

If lying in bed and meditating is not for you. Choose a package active weekend.
In addition to walking through the forested corners, you will be able to take advantage of the boats and kayaks and go on a solo trip on the lake.
Plus a daily jog around the countryside, classes with a personal trainer, including training at the gym.

Reserve your afternoons for bike tours.
The surroundings in such a lakeside location are certainly interesting to see.

This weekend you are supposed to be actively resting and recovering your body, without any strenuous exercise.
After all, you're going back to work on Monday.

You ask, why is active recreation only on the weekend?
Again, we return to the theme of an overworked society that has no time for anything, not even a short walk around the block.
If you are one of those people who lack enthusiasm and need someone to look after you?
Opt for an active weekend in a hotel in the woods by the lake. You decide what you do then and, importantly, on which weekends.
This is important because you are not bound by a monthly contract like a personal trainer.

We are overworked, tired.
We spend every spare moment including weekends sleeping and lazing in front of the TV.
We are about to lose the desire to leave the house.
Zero exercise plus a poor diet...it's scary to think what this will lead us to.
The best hotels located in magical forest corners come to your aid.
It is in such places under the guidance of instructors and specialists that we can effectively relax and recharge our batteries for further struggles with the world.
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