3 ideas for a weekend out of town

weekend out

Not only May Day and long weekends are opportunities to escape the big city.
Every weekend of the year is an opportunity to explore our country and discover real tourist gems.
Crowd-free weekends in the off-season are an opportunity for a weekend of quiet relaxation without the crowds.
Think you can't have an attractive weekend away from the city in the fall, winter and early spring?
Lodz is a region that offers both ZEN-style weekends and active recreation for families with children.
Don't waste a single weekend sitting at home in front of the TV.
In this article we will reveal to you 3 ideas, or rather locations, for a successful weekend away from the city.

1 - We are planning a weekend away from the city. Where to go.
2. hotel, habitat, agritourism. What to choose?


Where to go for a weekend out of town?

Poland is a long and wide country. If the Baltic Sea and the Tatra Mountains are the most popular holiday resorts, will these locations also be good for weekend relaxation?
Certainly yes, the only problem is the distance.
Weekend you only 2 days, do you really want to lose half the day to travel?
The national tourist offer is not only the mentioned mountains and sea there are many interesting places to visit on the weekend.
Place and hotel depend on your needs.
Do you want to get active this weekend?
Look for a place that abounds with interesting bike trails.

How about a hotel with a pool? You'll be able to take aqua aerobics classes, splash in the hot tub, and relax in the sauna.
If the goal of your weekend trip is to explore Poland and discover all those beautiful places. Start with a map. Prepare a list of places that are worth seeing during the weekend.

Of course, be sure to include our 3 suggestions.
This idea of a weekend out of town isn't about basking in a luxurious spa hotel with mountain views, or lying placidly in a big bed with silk sheets.
You get out of town to relax, change your surroundings, and just relax.
It doesn't matter what exactly you'll be doing there, it's about a complete reset, a change of environment.
There are three types of "places" where you can stay overnight: hotel, agritourism, intimate habitat.
In the next chapter we will introduce you to these places.

Agritourism, lakeside hotel, or maybe an intimate habitat?


Behind this concept there is not only a place for rest, but actually a form of rest. Idyllic, rural, close to nature.
We associate agritourism with a country cottage in a picturesque area. We have almost idyllic conditions here, the proximity of nature, wildlife, animals.
Here we discover the flavors of the Polish countryside. During such a vacation, we can watch the villagers working on the land, reaping the benefits of this natural landscape. Using the services of agritourism, we can experience rural life, take part in local events.
The agritourism business today is no longer just country cottages, but luxury cottages located in quiet villages with a package of amenities for the customer.
But admit it, I don't think that's what real contact with nature is all about here.
The most popular places chosen by tourists include resorts with horse stables, places offering attractive conditions for anglers and mushroom pickers.
A weekend away from the city is supposed to be a pleasant relaxation, away from the rushing city, perhaps it is in the peaceful countryside, cheerful countryside you will find your asylum to relax.

Lakeside hotel

It is the most popular place to stay for tourists.
Choosing a package stay, we get accommodation, meals, we can use additional services. In total, apart from room service, a stay in a hotel does not differ from a weekend in the countryside. However, only staying in such an interesting place, such as a lake, can herald a successful weekend away from home.
The close proximity of water provides guests with additional attractions: the possibility of bathing in the lake, swimming, etc.

Just relaxing on a beach chair right on the lake is already very relaxing.
Man's close contact with nature is simply necessary for him.
It relaxes, relieves stress, fills with good energy. Room with a view of a beautiful lake, clean Baltic Sea is an accommodation worth booking.
Hotels for the weekend Outside of the city is obviously a fairly convenient form of relaxation.
To help guests we have hotel staff who will take care of our stay, our meals, room cleanliness and weekend activities.
This is especially useful if you don't quite know what you'll be doing during that weekend.

Cozy habitat

The heart of this place is family. A real, loving, social one.
It is the families who run such intimate habitats.
The hosts are cheerful, sociable and usually cook themselves.
There is a family, idyllic atmosphere here.
The intimate habitats are very much like agritourism.
They are located in small towns, close to nature.
The intimate habitats are perfect for family weekends, out of town getaways.
Finally, we have 3 out-of-town weekend ideas for you. We highly recommend visiting each of these places.

Sulejowski Lagoon

Who doesn't love relaxing on the water? Especially during the spring and summer?
The Sulejowski Lagoon is located in the Lodz Voivodship, only 60 km from Lodz and 100 km from Warsaw.
Lake, sandy beaches, silence zone and beautiful forest surrounding the lake.
Can you wish for more? This is the perfect place for a romantic weekend away from the city, for a short family vacation with children.
MOLO Centre is one of the many hotels that offer their services to tourists on the Sulejowski Lagoon.

The resort offers several vacation packages, including active recreation on the lake.
The hotel boasts direct access to a pier along the lake.

It is a favorite place for tourists. The place is characterized by excellent cuisine, thanks to well-known to all guests Chef Jacek Fiedorowicz.
The area itself is very attractive. There is a lot of places to walk and things to see.
Choosing Sulejowski Lagoon for your weekend away from the city, you can't go wrong with a sightseeing trip.
There are many places to see, including the Nagórzyckie Grottoes, the Pilica River Open Air Museum, the Blue Springs Nature Reserve and the Royal Castle in Inowlodz.

Intimate. Drawsko Lake District

Located in the Drawsko Lake District, the habitat is a place that families with young children will love.
The land of lakes enchants with beautiful surroundings. It is a place to relax close to nature.

Peace and quiet. These are the main advantages of these places.
You will stay overnight in a cozy cottage with full amenities.
For the youngest guests there is a playroom.
For visitors hungry for sightseeing, there are plenty of places to visit.
Drahim Castle. Sławogród castle, baroque palace in Siemczyn.
Intimate settlements, cottages hidden in picturesque villages are certainly an attractive place to rest.
A homely, family atmosphere, delicious local food and blissful rural tranquility.
This place is a must visit.

Relaxation in the countryside

In almost every Polish village you will find an agritourism farm.
If you want to take your kids to the countryside and show them real nature, wildlife and domestic animals then agritourism is just for you.
Each farm tempts tourists with a special offer.
Such attractions include a pet farm, communal bread baking, etc.
Staying in such a place, especially during the summer is especially pleasant.
Around the flourishing nature, family atmosphere, it is a rest close to nature.
The villagers lead a peaceful lifestyle among animals and fabulous nature.

Stressed and overworked employees of large corporations will definitely benefit from staying in such a place.
Many farms have a stud farm, so there will be an opportunity to ride a horse, or touch a real horse is particularly cool thing for children.
Relaxing among animals and rural nature is a ready antidote to the stresses of everyday life.
Don't forget to take long walks in the woods and countryside.
Evenings spent around the campfire, talking with the hosts.

Field work, feeding animals, walks in the village.
Such a weekend away from the city will be especially attractive for those living in big cities.
We can rest anywhere.
You will also find hotels and intimate habitats everywhere.
Relaxing away from home surrounded by real nature is not only an interesting weekend option, but also a real, impactful break.
Don't waste your weekends sitting at home, plan a countryside weekend trip around Poland today.