Check out our recipe for a weekend for two at a hotel

a weekend for two at a hotel

Summer holiday time is over. We will have to wait a bit longer for the vacation rest. Get through the horrible winter snowdrift to see the first rays of sunshine. You don't have to plan your vacation until the vacations. What are weekends for, if not romantic weekends at the hotel? In this article we will tell you how to plan interesting weekend attractions in a hotel resort.


How to plan a romantic weekend at a hotel?

Planning romantic weekend at the hotelYou do not have to look for a hotel complex in the mountains or at the seaside. In the Lodz province you will find resorts, where you can plan a weekend for two by the lake. Suitable fairy-tale, forest scenery will additionally enhance our romantic event.


Attractions for a weekend for two

The offer hotels will find plenty of offers for a weekend for two. It depends only on us how we want to spend these two days. There are several options to choose from.


Lakeside activities

Horse-drawn carriage ride, bicycle adventure, canoeing, or maybe a yacht cruise? In this case there are no limits. You decide on an active A weekend for two at the lake? Activity options are truly plentiful. Are you dreaming of romantic walks? Opt for evening walks by the lake. Want to get really tired? Almost every hotel offers the possibility of renting sports equipment. Soccer, volleyball or badminton for two? If you have a sporting streak in you, look for a resort that will provide you with the right dose of sporting excitement.


Games and activities in the hotel

In autumn and winter the weather outside is not so good. Instead of active outdoor activities, during your romantic weekend at the hotel you can spend time in the game room. This is a treat for fans of board and multimedia games. Do you love your PlayStation? Can't part with your Xbox? Are you a real gamer? In the hotel's games room you will find everything you need for virtual fun. It is you who decide how to spend a weekend for two at the lake.

Time for fun with disco sounds

After a successful day, the lovers are waiting for the night madness on the dance floor. If you want to spend romantic moments for two, and in the evening dance a little and taste delicious drinks, choose a hotel with a drink bar, disco or nightclub. Hotels often organize mini-concerts. Live music will add just the right touch to your romantic weekend at the hotel.


The Chef recommends

A weekend for two cannot go by without delicious dinners and breakfasts together. Good recommendations of hotel cuisine is an element that attracts customers. Hotels nowadays offer rich menus: from Polish cuisine to European flavors. As part of a suitable package, the staff will organize a dinner that will complete your romantic weekend at the hotel.


A romantic finale

It will be an extraordinary two days. It is such a substitute of a vacation, a memory of a holiday rest. The romantic weekend at the hotel ends on Sunday. Time well spent in a hotel by the lake is worth repeating. After all, there are still a lot of weekends left before the vacations.

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