All you need to know about the hotel rooms at the lake

lakeside hotel rooms
Fabulous area, breathtaking scenery, beautiful hotel, friendly staff, excellent food, comfortable room.
These are the expectations of every hotel customer. It should be nice, pleasant, comfortable.
We live fast, we consume material goods quickly, so at least we want to rest pleasantly, comfortably and nicely.
Hotel offers They tempt us with family atmosphere, luxurious interiors and attractions.
If you want to spend your leisure time in a comfortable room, you need to know what to expect for a given price.
Is breakfast included in the price when booking a room for 200 PLN/night?
Can a room for 90 zł/night lack a hair dryer?
In this article, we will tell you j what standard hotel rooms at the lake should meet.
We will compare prices and facilities of hotel rooms at the lake or in the city center.

Planning to stay at a hotel on the lake. Check which room to choose?

A room is not the same as a room. Rooms in lakeside hotelThe seaside, the capital or the mountains are different.
When booking a hotel room for the weekend, you want to have access to the Internet, you want to sleep on a comfortable bed and not worry about the so-called small appliances, hair dryer, electric kettle.
Weekend at the hotel is meant to be a reward for you after a difficult week, a highly anticipated short vacation.
After all, you will not be running to the reception every moment with questions about an extra towel, or the password to Wi-Fi.
A room is not equal to a room, we already know that. The main difference lies in the so-called standard of the room.
Which of course affects the comfort of the hotel and the price of the stay.

The standard of the room is influenced by:
- accessory
- location
- view

We will discuss each of these points in detail along with an indication of which room type has all of these elements included.

Choose your lakeside hotel room

Booking hotel accommodation at the lake, you give the number of people, date and ... of course you mention that your room must have a view of the lake.
It's understandable, comfortable room, beautiful landscape, wonderful views, remember?
When you decide to book rooms on the online booking system, you will be faced with a choice of package, but also a choice of room.
Yes, you must choose your room.
Peace is not equal to peace. Sacred Words. I won't keep you in suspense any longer, here's the classic hotel room breakdown:
- Apartment
- Economy Room
- LUX Room

- Business Room


Each of these lake hotel accommodation suggestions differs in facilities, services and price.
The name LUX means that for a night in this room we will pay the most expensive.
The occupant of this room can expect the most.
High standard, luxurious furnishings, extra services including breakfast in bed.


Among the hotel rooms on the lake, it is a real jewel in the crown. The apartment offers us accommodation at the highest level.
Superbly equipped, comfortable, spacious, generally for two people, with a captivating view of the lake.
You have to pay a lot for such luxury. Choosing to stay in an apartment, you can count on the best view and location in the hotel.
What exactly does this mean?
The apartment is located in the main building of the hotel, a short enough distance to the reception, the viewing room or the restaurant.
The apartment has a balcony with a terrace, all of course facing the beautiful water view.
Guests of the suite can expect top-class service, complementary towels, breakfast in room, wake-up service on request.
However, only the equipment of the room shows the high standard of the room. What can you expect?

- comfortable large bed
- TV
- conditioning
- Wi-Fi free
- Bathroom with towels and mini bath products
- safe
- wake-up call upon request
- phone
- tea and coffee making facilities
- minibar
- bottles of mineral water
- desk, armchairs, sofa
- hairdryer
- balcony with terrace
- ironing set
Price per night: about 400 PLN.

Economy / Standard Room

If you are on a tight budget for a lakeside hotel, choose an economy room.
Do you want to explore the area, enjoy the attractions, and only stay in your room for the night?
This is the hotel option for you.
An economical room does not mean an economical vacation.
It's a really cozy single or double room.
The room, like the suite, is located in the main hotel.
Included is a wonderful neighborhood, beautiful woods and lake.

- comfortable bed
- TV
- free Wi-Fi
- hairdryer
- desk, closet, armchair
- bathroom with towels
- terrace
- phone

- closet

Price per night: about 150 PLN

LUX Room
Upgraded standard with stunning lake views.
Comfortable, spacious, well equipped.
This is a double room, but with the possibility of adding a bed or a crib for children.
Remember that children under 3 stay free at the hotel.


- bed
- TV
- bathroom with towels
- tea and coffee making facilities
- minbar
- safe
- closet, chest of drawers
- phone
- desk, sofa, armchair
- hairdryer
- free Wi-Fi

- wake-up call upon request

Price per night: about 200 PLN.

Business Class Room

The business room is showing up in corporate conference offerings.
It is a combination of bedroom and living room.
In such a business hotel room on the lake, the client can comfortably rest, spend the night, but also can work.
The room is sensibly zoned, providing the right environment for work and leisure.
In the 2-person version, this is extremely useful.
CEOs, corporations and conference organizers book an overnight stay in such a room.

- bed
- TV
- Internet access
- bathroom with towels
- hairdryer
- phone in the room
- balcony
- safe
- computer desk
- stationery
- chest of drawers, armchair

- minibar

Cost per night: about 230 PLN.

Keep this in mind when booking

Vacation, business trip, vacation with kids or outing with friends.
The purpose of our visit to the hotel is not important.
For us, i.e. the customer, comfortable hotel accommodation is important. At the lake or elsewhere in the country we will actively enjoy the beauty of the surroundings.
We want to spend the best nights in the hotel room, try delicious dishes in the restaurant, savor the atmosphere of the place.
When planning a trip, you are faced not only with choosing the right destination, but also with choosing the right hotel room. At the lake, you choose a room with a beautiful view, in the city center you book a business room, in the mountains you choose a room for a family with a child.
Each will be properly equipped according to the client's needs.
When booking a hotel on Lake Sulejowski, check out MOLO Center offer.
With the help of the hotel staff you can choose a room dedicated to your needs, in addition at the best price.