How do you prepare for the boating season?

sailing season

Preparing for the sailing season is a complex process. It is not enough to have good equipment and appropriate skills - it is also worth taking care of your mental and physical condition in advance, as well as strengthening your body so that it is able to cope with such a big effort as sailing. That is why preparations should be planned and implemented well in advance, so that everything can be done on time.


Sailing - a popular water sport

Sailing is a water sport. Its essence is to propel the sails of a vessel by the power of the wind. Usually sailboats and yachts and sailing vessels are used for swimming (especially for water transportation). Also very popular are boards with a sail (windsurfing) and boards strapped to the legs with a sail in the form of a kite (kiteboarding). In general, however, sailing is most popular as a field of tourism, sport and recreation.


A way to relax

For many people, sailing is simply a passion and a fascinating way to spend free time. Contrary to appearances, it does not have to be an expensive activity. You do not have to buy a sailboat or a yacht right away - you can rent the right equipment just as well. There is also no need to go to luxurious foreign resorts - there are many great places in Poland, perfectly suited for sailing. However, we should remember that Sailing is a demanding sport. Without proper fitness and skills, we can hardly expect the sailing season to go well for us. What's more, apart from physical fitness and the ability to find oneself in various, unforeseen situations, you also need the right concentration, an agile mind and a large dose of common sense. It should be borne in mind that sailing is not always safe - hence the need to make skilful use of this sport in order to react quickly and make responsible decisions when the need arises.


It's worth remembering to go to the pool

The most important skill we need to sail is the ability to swim. This is primarily to meet safety requirements. However, it is worth knowing that swimming has a great effect on the general condition of our body and development of our muscles. Therefore, to effectively prepare for the boating season, it is a good idea to visit the pool often. It will also not hurt to use other forms of training and the gym. This will certainly help us to effectively control, for example, a sailboat.


When preparing for the boating season, don't skip the diet

We should also not forget about a healthy diet, which has a key impact on our condition and efficiency - both mental and physical. A diet rich in simple carbohydrates, fried and hydrogenated fats and fast food is unlikely to have a positive effect on our health and well-being. Therefore, if we want to prepare effectively for the sailing season, let's not skip proper nutrition, especially if we are prone to overweight, as it can quite effectively hinder our sailing.

Boating equipment inspection is a must

If you own a yacht or sailboat (or any other watercraft), you should remember to have your equipment inspected. For sure the first parameter to be checked is the tightness - basic condition of safety. It is also good to examine the general technical condition - whether the hull of our vessel is not abraded and does not require renovation or other damage. Certainly you need to check the fastenings and winches. Of course, it is best to have such a technical inspection carried out by a professional service, which will possibly make the necessary repairs.


What to do if we don't have a sailboat?

If we do not have the right equipment - we have two choices. We can buy it or rent. In the first case, however, we have to reckon with a serious expense. When it comes to sailing boats, their cost starts from several thousand zloty. For a yacht you need to pay more or less the same amount as for an apartment. Certainly The purchase of vessels requires discernment of the subjectIt is important to choose the right one for our needs, one that is technically efficient enough and one that we will be able to handle. We should also remember that we will need a proper place and space to store such a unit. A haphazard, improperly secured place will not have a beneficial effect on our equipment.


Let's look for watercraft rentals

If you don't have your own boat - nothing lost. Currently (also in Poland) there are many places where you can rent a sailboat or charter a yacht. This certainly has the advantage of not requiring us to spend a lot of money at one time, but also relieves us of the need to store and maintain our equipment. There are also a huge number of places where we can take sailing courses and trainings. They are designed for people of all ages and skill levels. It is definitely worth considering this option if you are serious about preparing for the sailing season. It is worth knowing that these courses are held not only on a daily basis, but also on weekends. They can also be taken with children.


Sailing season at the Sulejów Reservoir

When planning a successful sailing season, it is worth to consider charming Polish corners and look for a convenient location, e.g. at the Sulejowski Lagoon. When deciding on a location, it is also a good idea to consider comfortable accommodation and meals and other factors that can have a significant impact on whether the sailing season at the Sulejów Reservoir will be a success. To make this happen - we especially recommend the Pier Center.

If you would like to find out more and book a place in advance (before the sailing season starts at the Sulejow Reservoir), please contact us at contact.