Idea for a holiday weekend - kayaking

Vacations are slowly coming to an end and with them the season of warm weather. Therefore, it is worth taking advantage of the last days of summer to relax and "recharge batteries" before the increased effort waiting for us at the beginning of the new school year. The most valuable for our health and well-being will certainly be outdoor activities, so let's look for an idea for a weekend with the family away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Active outdoor recreation

The summer vacations and school break are coming to an end. Before us is a period of intensive work and lack of free time, especially for moments with the family (which are certainly not conducive to stress and the daily rush). Therefore Let's take advantage of the continuing summer weather to get the most out of it. Remember that the next vacations are only next year! Let's not delay with the decision to go out of town - it's a great idea for a weekend with your family and moments spent together (not necessarily in front of the TV - let's leave this option for long winter evenings). It is worth to look for an idea for a weekend, which we won't be able to use when the summer is over - for example, swimming in a lake or canoeing. Certainly Active outdoor recreation is a great investment in health and well-beingwhich we will need a lot in autumn and winter. So let's think about the optimal form of a family trip.

Going out of town does not have to be expensive

It is often the case that when we are looking for ideas for a family weekend away, we first think about the inconveniences involved: the cost, the need to leave pets in the care of someone else, the difficulty of the journey or the need to take along, for example, water sports equipment. Meanwhile, it turns out that many of our fears have no basis. Currently, we can take advantage of a wide range of family-friendly hotels (e.g. at the Sulejowski Lagoon), which offer very attractive prices (including free accommodation for small children and big discounts for bigger ones), the possibility of taking pets with them, and even sports equipment rentals. Their additional advantage is easy access (they are located near Lodz and Warsaw). What is more - they are located in extremely picturesque places, far from the polluted city air and street noise. Zalpine terrain and sandy beaches provide ample space for outdoor activities. So - let us abandon our fears and take advantage of the charms of the passing summer.

Water sports - a great option

One of the weekend ideas that we can only enjoy in the summer are water sports. Sailing is particularly popular, but canoeing and windsurfing are equally popular. In Poland (not without a reason) the Sulejowski Lagoon is considered the kingdom of water sports enthusiasts. It is such a recognized place that numerous training and sailing camps and water equipment rentals (which relieves us of the need to take it with us). It is worth knowing that the bottom of the Lagoon is very friendly, devoid of stones, which ensures exceptional safety, the possibility of using the entire surface of the water and mooring in any place (full accessibility of the shoreline). What is more - Another asset of the Sulejowski Lagoon is its rare quiet zone The Sulejowski Lagoon has been declared a "no trespassing" area and in order not to disturb it, the use of boats with engines has been banned. So, if you are looking for a safe and friendly place for your summer holidays, Sulejow Reservoir is certainly a good idea for a weekend with your family.

Canoeing - why not?

Canoeing is not only exciting outdoor fun and relaxation, but also a sportIt allows you to strengthen your muscles (especially upper body), burn a lot of calories and improve blood circulation. Therefore - let's not hesitate to use this activity, especially since we do not need expensive equipment and usually we can easily rent it. To practice kayaking we use a small light boat with two paddles. It's worth knowing that there are several types of kayaks: recreational, tourist (especially useful by the sea and in the mountains) and sport ones (e.g. regatta, mountain slalom and mountain downhill). They differ mainly in the material they are made of. For a weekend trip with the family, a recreational kayak will suffice (especially when we will be swimming on the lake). We should also absolutely have a life jacket with us. And - basically - nothing else.

Everything can be learned

If you are wondering whether canoeing is a good idea for a weekend with the family - You don't have to be afraid, even if you haven't kayaked before. With proper precautions - you will easily master the necessary skills. Certainly beginners should choose places where the water is shallow, calm, without waves and strong currents. Once you are seated properly in the kayak, you should grip the paddles in such a way that nothing restricts your movements. It is worth remembering that the closer you hold your hands, the harder it will be for you to control your movements, and the further away - the more effort you will have to put into paddling. Then you should dip the paddle at foot height and pull it along the side of the kayak. When it is level with the torso - you need to pull it out of the water and dip it on the other side. In fact, you don't need to know anything else about kayaking. It's very simple, not expensive sport, available for everyone, especially for lovers of fishing and beautiful views. kayak is made for fishing and contemplating landscapes. Therefore - do not hesitate to decide an attractive way to spend the end of the vacation with your family and choose this simple idea for the weekend.


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