These places are a must see! Where to go for a weekend at the lake?

Lodz Voivodeship is a real mine of tourist pearls. When planning a vacation, vacations or weekend, we can be sure. Not only will we rest, but also enjoy the tourist attractions.
In this article, we will focus on interesting tourist spots on the lake.

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Choose a holiday by the lake

Places with lakes attract with beaches, harbors, a sailing adventure. You can really do a lot on the lake. Are we dreaming of a real sailing trip?
Do you want to go pontooning, play volleyball, have a romantic time around a campfire?

How about just lying on a beach?
Resting by the lake does not have to be just a two-day adventure. You can also relax on the waters of the lake during the vacations, without the tiring long hours of driving to the Baltic Sea.

Lodz province tempts with tourist attractions, on the basis of which you can organize a really interesting weekend rest by the lake. 

It can be just as relaxing and attractive during our lakeside vacation as it is during our seaside vacation.
What's more, a true paradise with lakes can be found not only in Masuria, but also in the province of Lodz. See for yourself why Lodz lakeside weekend is a recipe for a successful and active holiday.

Lodz for the weekend. This is it!

It depends on us what attractions we will use during our vacation. Of course, the nicer the weather, the warmer the water, the higher the temperature, resting by the lake comes down to splashing in the water and sunbathing on the beach. The weather wasn't good? Kids saddened, no more boating adventure. We will be rescued from this predicament by the staff of the resort where we are staying.


Accommodation by the lake

When choosing Lodz for our weekend at the lake, let's choose our destination wisely. Check to see if leisure centerwhere you will be staying is close to the lake. Does the resort has a boat, sailboat, bike, water equipment rental? It is rather difficult to relax on the lake and be active on water without this equipment.

Attractions in the resort

This type of attractions to a large extent depend on the resort where we stay. If during our holiday at the lake outdoor craziness is impossible, for example, due to rainy weather, we spend time with our family in a hotel room. Do you feel disappointed?

Completely unnecessary, resort vacations don't have to kill with boredom. A lake vacation is not just about outdoor recreation.

Many resorts offer playrooms and games not only for children. In the evenings they organize a dance craze on the dance floor. Are you planning to relax at the lake just for two? Arrange with the staff the details of your romantic dinners in restaurants overlooking the lake.

lakeside vacation

Recreation at the lake. These places are a must see!

For some, tourism in the Łódź Province sounds rather exotic. Thinking about vacations, we head for the north or south of the country. Nothing more misleading!
Magical places that will guarantee us an active holiday on the lake are just around the corner.
Here are 4 magical lakeside destinations we recommend you visit.


Sulejowski Reservoir

Next to the Jeziorsko reservoir, it is the largest artificial water reservoir in the region.
Surrounded by forests Jeziorsko in Sulejowski Park Krajoznawczego has probably the most attractive conditions for recreation on the lake. Sandy shores, bike trails and plenty of accommodations.
There are popular recreational towns, such as Smardzewice, Bronislawow and Sulejow.

Jeziorsko Reservoir

This is the Warta River subregion, which includes the Warta river basin with the Jeziorsko reservoir. There are quite a few tourist centers in this area: Uniejów, Sieradz and two Warta River parks. There really is something to do in this region during our lakeside vacation.

Bugaj Reservoir

Are you planning a holiday by the lake combined with sightseeing? Then head for Piotrków Trybunalski. Residents of this town praise the beauty of the Bugaj reservoir, indicating it high on the list of holiday destinations. The area is famous for its large forest complex and valuable natural features.

Wawrzkowizna Reservoir

This water attraction in Belchatow is our last proposal for a holiday on the lake. Wawrzkowizna is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the province of Lodz. On the whole lagoon you can practice water sports as well as try your hand at fishing.

Good address

Lodz Voivodeship for the weekend is a really good holiday destination.  This underrated region really has a lot to offer.
The authorities of the Łódź Province are doing a lot to promote the region. Łódź is becoming more and more popular, families plan vacations not only in summer, but they also spend their winter breaks in Łódź.

So we are taking a vacation as well as a weekend course to the Lodz region.

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