Winter holidays. Where to go with children?

where to go with children

Finally you can rest from school, stressful work. We can go somewhere with the whole family, relax, recharge our batteries and on our way back count down the days to vacations. Winter vacations are like smaller vacations, for these two weeks you can plan many attractions. You just have to choose wisely among the winter offers.


Family winter holidays 

Pupils from Lodz province start their holidays on January 29 and end them on February 11. These two weeks are enough for active leisure. Parents are wondering how to organize this time for their children? We suggest family winter holidays in Łódź. There are really a lot of proposals. To fill those weeks with winter attractions, you don't have to spend a fortune and book accommodation in ski resorts. The white madness is offered by resorts in the region. Winter vacations are not only a rest for students from school duties. It's also a time off for parents. The pool of ideas for family winter holidays is rich and endless. It all depends on our budget and our travel interests. It will be a successful winter vacation. 


Which winter holiday offer to choose?

The winter break between semesters doesn't have to be problematic for parents. Suggestions on how to spend family winter holidays are several. On the Internet you will find dozens of ideas for winter holidays. We will tell you how to spend your winter holidays actively both away from home and in the Lodz province. When choosing a package for your family, think about how you want to spend these two weeks. Will the family budget allow for winter madness on the slopes, or will you bet on active recreation in a resort near home. You have a difficult task ahead of you, you need to organize the rest in such a way that the kids don't waste time in front of the TV or computer screen. Family winter holidays do not have to be a boring chore. When organizing holidays, let's take care of the needs of children. Where would our kids like to fulfill this free time? Remember that you don't have to plan the whole 2 weeks. Plan the attractions wisely, so that the time spent with parents is pleasant and interesting.


Winter madness on the slopes

Are you keen skiers? Do you dream of snowy runs on a snowboard? The direction of your plans is clear, spend your family winter holidays in the mountains. Such a trip costs a lot and you need to prepare it a bit in advance. Ski resorts are overcrowded during the holidays and winter holidays. When you go to the mountains, you don't just have to ski. There are quite a few ideas for winter holidays in the mountains. Ski resorts have prepared lifts, accommodation and smaller attractions for the winter season. Snowy views, fresh mountain air, activity in the snow (for example, making snowmen with your child) will provide us with relaxation.


Winter holidays in the Lodz Voivodeship

Family winter holidays in the region also tempt with a rich offer. Relaxation in the hotel, recreation and leisure centeror a hostel? - It depends on us how we use the potential of the Lodz region. Choosing such a package, we can actively spend time surrounded by winter landscape. In addition, we can take advantage of the attractions offered by the resort. And these are really quite a lot. As part family winter holidaysThe hotel can organize for us a sleigh ride, sightseeing tours of the region or an evening bonfire. The Magellan Hotel, which is located in Bronislawowo, is in the vicinity of the Ski Center on Kamiensk Mountain, the Pilica River Open-Air Museum, the Skating Track in Tomaszow Mazowiecki and the Spalski and Sulejowski Landscape Park. I must admit it is quite a landscape treat. This region amazes with its possibilities, thanks to which winter holidays in Lodz Voivodeship will strongly resemble those spent on a mountain slope. When looking for a place for a family winter holiday, it's worth looking for a hotel or resort that offers a swimming pool complex, a spa and attractions for children. Each of these forms of activity will satisfy the needs of every member of the family.


Holidays at Home. City proposals

A winter vacation at home does not have to be boring. With help comes the city, which perfectly knows the ideas for winter holidays. This is a good solution if parents just do not have free time or an appropriate budget. Of course, the larger the city, the greater the possibilities and more interesting. Parents can look for inspiration for winter holidays on the Internet, at Youth Cultural Centres and at schools. Many elementary and junior high schools invite their students to participate in half-day camps when the winter holidays begin. During them students take part in art, theater and sports workshops. Schools have many ideas for winter holidays. What is important, the participation of students is free of charge. Cultural centres are the next institutions, after schools, which organize winter holidays in Łódź province. As a rule, classes are free of charge, and the offer of such winter holidays includes not only workshops. Houses of Culture organize performances, visits to cultural institutions.


Set your sights on a family winter break. This time is for you!

Pupils from Lodz are impatiently waiting for winter holidays to start in the Lodz province. It is a great challenge for parents who organize holidays for their school-weary pupils. Preparing for the winter break will be a valuable lesson for many parents before the approaching summer vacations. We are keeping our fingers crossed for all the planned family winter holidays.

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