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women's weekend at the hotel

Where to go with a friend for the weekend?

Sometimes you can think only of yourself. Not just for Women's Day or your birthday. This one time you can leave your kids in the care of your husband. You can leave your boyfriend in front of the PlayStation console and go for a girls' weekend at a hotel with your best friend by your side. Wondering where to go with a friend for a weekend? To a cozy hotel by the lake. You will be sunbathing, relaxing in the SPA, sailing, tasting delicious food and just having fun. 1. where...
weekend with children at the lake

3 ideas for a weekend with kids at the lake

Every weekend the same scenario. The couch in the living room, sweet and salty snacks, and of course him... the king of family entertainment - the TV set. There is no need to be ashamed of it, almost 45% Polish families spend their free time this way. While you are straining your eyes in front of a glass screen, many families spend an active weekend with their kids in a hotel by the lake. Just think, beach, pier, bicycles, pool, walking, bonfire....
hotel overlooking the lake

A good hotel for relaxation? Hotel with a view of the lake

Vacations, vacations, weekends for two have one ingredient in common. Rest. Relaxation at home in front of the TV is becoming a thing of the past. We relax in spa hotels, choose active rest and recharge our batteries in a hotel overlooking a lake. We want to take advantage of the beautiful weather, travel around the country, visit interesting places, and opt for committed rest. Free days are at a premium, it's not worth wasting them sitting at home. In this article we will reveal where...
lakeside hotel rooms

All you need to know about the hotel rooms at the lake

Fabulous surroundings, breathtaking landscapes, beautiful hotel, friendly staff, delicious food, comfortable room. These are the expectations of every hotel customer. It should be nice, pleasant, comfortable. We live fast, we quickly consume material goods, so at least we want to rest pleasantly, comfortably and nicely. Hotel offers tempt us with family atmosphere, luxurious interiors, attractions. If you want to spend your free time in a comfortable room, you need to know what to expect...
New Year's Eve with children in a hotel

New Year's Eve with children in a hotel. Where to go?

No one should be alone on New Year's Eve. It's the only night of the year. Everyone around encourages you to say goodbye to the old year. You think to yourself: where can I have fun when my kids are sleeping behind the wall? We know how to organize good fun for everyone... for adults and for children. It won't just be New Year's Eve with kids in a hotel, it will be a family New Year's Eve trip. List of...
ideal hotel for the weekend

Vacation is over? Check out where to go for the weekend!

Is summer over? The long-awaited vacation is long gone. And it was so beautiful! Only vacations motivate you to travel? After all, Poland looks wonderful all year round, there are still so many places to discover. Every weekend a new place. Every weekend a new adventure. Don't waste a single free day for sitting at home. You have no idea where to go at the weekend? With a little help from us you will be able to...
engagement at a lakeside hotel

We know where to host a romantic lakeside engagement!

Spectacular sunset, warm sand on the beach, the quiet murmur of the water in the lake. In the middle of the water a boat, and in it people in love, staring, dreaming, in a moment happily engaged. This story is impressive, isn't it? And it can be your story of a romantic engagement on the lake. In this article we will tell you how to organize an unforgettable engagement at the lake. We will tell you what kind of engagement will impress your beloved. Dinner at a restaurant?...
good hotel for the weekend

Everything you need to know about a good hotel for the weekend

Vacations come (unfortunately) only once a year. Next to Christmas and Winter holidays, it is our most awaited period. The reason is invariably the same - rest. But why wait until Christmas or vacations, when the year has so many weekends? Plenty of free weekends to spend at a good hotel on the lake. This is a weekend idea that you can repeat every week. In this article, we'll reveal to you what should ...
corporate events on the lake

Check out our ideas for lakeside corporate events

This will not be another boring and stiff corporate trip. It can't be a corporate event at the lake that only pretends to be a team building trip. It cannot be like that. And it won't. Your location point is a hotel by the water. You will spend the night in comfortable rooms, spend the day on the lake and enjoy the charms of such a corporate event. Now, unbelievers and malcontents will ask, what can you do on the lake? Here I will surprise you ...
italian weekend on the lake

An Italian weekend by the lake? It's possible!

Italy, Spain, Croatia, Turkey and finally Greece. Who of us would not want at least once in a lifetime to visit these places? They enchant with their views, attract with their rich culture, dazzle with pearls of architecture and landscape and finally tempt with their delicious cuisine. It's magical, vacations are just around the corner. Do you dream of such a foreign vacation? Sun, water, hot sand... You can dream. Are you already looking at offers for holiday resorts on the lake?
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