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vacation with children

How to spend vacations with children?

When planning a vacation with children - we should take into account at least several aspects: our financial capabilities, the age of children, their health, but also our physical condition. It is not advisable to choose a vacation offer without taking these parameters into account. Sometimes we give in to attractive offers without thinking and end up returning from vacations more frustrated than relaxed. Therefore, let's think about how to spend vacations with children, so that our...
sailing camp on the lake

Sailing camps for children at the Sulejów Reservoir

Sailing camps for children at the Sulejow Reservoir is a very attractive vacation option for the youngest. Therefore, if you are looking for an interesting holiday opportunity for your child - it is worth considering this option. Sailing camp for children at the Sulejowski Lagoon will not only provide participants with unforgettable experiences, but also teach them many useful skills. Vacation plans - it's high time to make a decision Ahead of us is a long...
relaxation at sulejowskie lagoon

Rest during the May weekend at the Sulejów Reservoir

What to do during the May weekend or other long weekends that await us in the spring and summer - this is a question that many of us face. Especially since for some it is a unique chance to take a break from the flurry of daily challenges and responsibilities. Therefore - let's take the right steps in advance to make this special time one of the truly successful ones. Rest over the May weekend Rest over the May weekend is a time,...
sailing season

How do you prepare for the boating season?

Preparing for the sailing season is a complex process. It is not enough only to have good equipment and the right skills - it is also worthwhile to take care of mental and physical condition in advance and strengthen the body to cope with such a large effort as sailing. That's why preparations should be planned and implemented well in advance, so that everything can be put on the "last button" in time. Sailing - a popular water sport Sailing belongs to water sports. Its essence is...
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