How to choose the right conference and training center?

conference and training center

When preparing to organize a conference, we should first of all be aware that events of this type are crucial for building the image of our company. That is why every detail should be well planned and thought over, to avoid unpleasant mishaps. One of the most important steps is to choose a conference and training center, which will be our business card. Hence - let's think how to make an optimal choice.


Selection of the Conference and Training Center

Choosing the right conference and training center is inextricably linked with its location. Before we answer the question how it should look like and what requirements it should meet - it's good to focus on where it should be located - and that depends mainly on where our invited guests will be coming from. So, if most of them come from Łódź - it's best to look for a conference center in the Łódź province, because it would be pointless to choose a facility in another province. On the other hand, if our guests will be coming to us from different parts of the country (or from abroad), it is best if the training and conference center we choose is located in a big city or on the outskirts of a city. This results from the fact that a big city is much easier to locate than a small town and it is also much easier to reach. A long, complicated commute is very tiring and discouraging, so in that case some guests may not even accept the invitation.


Surroundings and appearance

It might seem that the view outside the window during a business event does not matter - however it is quite the opposite. The place where a training center is located does matter. Conference rooms on the outskirts of cities are becoming increasingly populara. Why? First of all, because of the silence (away from the noisy streets and traffic jams), clean air (no smog), lots of space (no parking problems) and picturesque landscapes. For example, well-known conference center in lodzkie province It is located by the Sulejowski Lagoon, which allows not only for relaxation in the fresh air during the breaks, but also to make informal meetings more attractive and, for example, to practice water sports. In the city center we would certainly not be able to afford it. Another important issue is the appearance of the conference and training center we have chosen. Aesthetic qualities are of great importance, because it is well known that the first impression is difficult to change later. We should also remember that the place we choose is our business card and we will be judged by it.


Meeting room standard

Of course, no less important than the appearance of the conference center is its standard and equipment. So what should you pay attention to? Certainly the size of rooms, the aesthetics of interior design, tidiness and cleanliness, furniture, but also lighting (preferably natural). We should also pay attention to the sound system, which is crucial during the conference It is also important to check if the chairs are comfortable enough and will provide enough comfort for our guests. It is also important that we check whether they are comfortable enough and will provide our guests with enough comfort. Certainly one of the model establishments, which we can take a look at, to see how an ideal establishment of this type should look like, is the Molo Conference Center at the Sulejowski Lagoon. In addition to the amenities listed above, it offers air-conditioned rooms equipped with screens, flipcharts, audiovisual equipment, Internet access (WiFi and LAN), multimedia projectors, DVD and CD players and televisions.


Conference center with good reputation and great cuisine

When making the final decision on where to hold our conference, it is also important that we check its reputation. It is also important to have feedback from customers who have used the services of the facility before us (especially if they wanted to return to it again). In addition to reputation, it is also worth paying attention to the professionalism of the staff employed in the center. It is not only about organizational skills or knowledge, but also about the level of culture and communication. Surely a bad impression on our guests will be made by unpleasant, rude, ill-informed or badly dressed staff. What is more - they will also be people with whom we will have to cooperate during the conference, so we should find a common language with them. We should also pay attention to the cuisine. As you know - meals are of considerable importance during company events, so it is worth taking care of their quality. Therefore, it's good to use proven restaurants (and such is certainly the restaurant conference center near Lodz). It has its own smokehouse, which provides fresh meats, cheeses and fish, and offers a wide range of dishes of Polish and international cuisine, including dietetic versions. Training and Conference Center The pier is a great choice!