How to prepare a conference room?

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Preparation conference room A corporate event is a lot like preparing your home for guests. We usually do our best to take care of every detail and do our best to make our guests happy. In the case of business meetings - we face an even greater challenge, because our business future may depend on how we perform.


Meeting room preparation

It is widely known that the first impression is of great importance (both in interpersonal relations and in the evaluation of, for example, goods in the store). What is more - if we are judged negatively at the beginning, it will be very difficult to change this impression later, even if we make a lot of effort. Therefore, when preparing the conference room to receive guests - first of all, ensure that the first reception is as positive as possible.


A sense of order

It is certainly very important to keep the conference room neat and tidy. All garbage, stains, scattered objects, dust, scratched or unrefreshed walls and disorderly or mismatched elements of interior design - definitely should be removed. It is very important that the furniture and other furnishings in the room are arranged harmoniously and form a cohesive whole. Certainly no flashy colors, exaggerated patterns or kitsch are advisable. If there are flowers or potted plants - they should be fresh and not dusty.


Meeting room fragrance - a very important detail

It is also quite important to pay attention to the smell - if it is fresh and pleasant, it will surely have a positive influence on the invited guests. But let's not overdo with air fresheners, so the atmosphere in the hall wouldn't be too suffocating. Also consider the fact that there may be allergy sufferers among the guests. Definitely, however, the conference room should be well ventilated and not smell of dust or, for example, floor polish or other detergents. The ideal situation is when the room is located in a place where you can freely open the windows and not smell the rising fumes.


Everything you need should be on hand

Once we are convinced that visually the conference room looks flawless - we need to take care of the necessary equipment. It is worth that it is within reach of leading a conference or training and was properly connected and prepared for use. Any setting up (e.g. projector or laptop) during a lecture takes time and introduces unnecessary confusion. What's more - it does not make a good impression. Guests may then think that we are poorly organized. Certainly It is also worth checking the technical aspects of the equipment needed - whether it will work properly during the event. It would be ideal to have backup equipment in case of an emergency.


Meeting room size

If we invite a certain number of guests - it would be a big gaffe if there was not enough seating for someone. Therefore Make sure the meeting room has the number of chairs you need and other materials prepared for the event we are organizing. Nervously looking for seats or photocopying materials is definitely not advisable. It is also important to provide maximum comfort to the leader of the conference or lecture - to have at hand water to drink, a chair or other necessary trinkets. If the conference room is large - take care of the microphone and the appropriate sound system. Make sure that the speaker knows how to use it properly. In general, try to avoid any situation that might cause confusion or other disturbances.

Meals during conferences and trainings

If you plan to provide refreshments for guests - it is best to look for a conference room that has a canteen or restaurant. Eating in the room where lectures are held is not advisable. Similarly - when it comes to drinks or small refreshments. Of course - it is advisable that guests have constant and unlimited access to hot and cold beverages or snacks, but we should serve them outside the lecture hall. This will, among other things, avoid dirt and will not disturb others in their concentration. Nevertheless, it is worth remembering that meals are a very important element of company meetings. First of all, they have an integrative function, because during their consumption participants can meet less formally. Secondly - tasty food always improves the mood of the guests and introduces a good atmosphere, which is of great importance for the impression we make on them.


Conference room service

It's worth remembering that even the most beautiful furniture or the best kitchen won't contribute to the success of an event if the service is not up to the task. That's why it's worth taking care that they are properly prepared to receive guests (especially when it comes to direct contact with them). Certainly The people serving the conference room should be polite, friendly, competent, but at the same time discreet and unobtrusive. The ideal service is one that is effective, but at the same time its presence is almost imperceptible. The same is true of clothing - it cannot be inappropriate to the situation (e.g., too dressy or careless). It is advisable to check beforehand if the staff is really suitable, and thus avoid unpleasant surprises. It is worth using the services of recommended people, who have already proven themselves in this type of work.


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