Organizing a conference on the outskirts of the city - is it a good idea?

conference on the outskirts of the city

Usually we associate the organization of conferences with big-city skyscrapers or university halls of residence. It is hardly surprising - business or science centers are usually located in the centers of big cities. But does it have to be like this? Maybe it is time to depart from this way of thinking and organize a conference in a completely different place?


Organizing a conference starts with choosing a room

In order to make an optimal decision (also when it comes to choosing a conference room), it is good to discard patterns and stereotypes of behaviour. It will definitely widen the spectrum of choices. For sure in this context it would be advisable not to tie the organization of the conference with the city center (and usually it is there, where we look for a suitable room to rent). Meanwhile it turns out that very attractive premises, and even training and conference centers, which provide comprehensive services on very high level - located on the outskirts of citiesand even beyond. So before we reflexively reject such offers - it's worth taking a closer look at them and analyzing the arguments "for" that speak for them.


Let's go beyond the walls of our company

It would also be advisable to depart from our habits and established paths when making decisions, as they often do not bring us optimal results. This is also the case with organizing conferences - it often happens that we prefer to undertake this task within the walls of our own company (because we know it well), even though we will not create high enough standards there. If, on the other hand, we are looking for another alternative. we look more often at what is close by than at what is better for us. Therefore, when deciding on a place to hold a conference, it is good to look for solutions that we have not considered so far.


Why look for an outdoor conference room?

Conference organization outside of our company and even outside of the city center has many advantages. Are we sure we took them into account in our decision-making process? It's never too late to change plans if the change will provide us with greater success. The first advantage of going outside of your own home is that you can entrust the task of organizing the conference to other, much better prepared specialists. This not only saves a lot of time and stress associated with this type of project, but also ensures that the final result will be optimal, because it will be worked on by professionals who carry out such tasks every day.


Won't the conference costs be too high?

It's not just a matter of time and money, it's also a matter of time and money again. It is certainly worth mentioning that expenses for this purpose tax deductible. Another advantage is that we will not have to destroy the work schedule of our company and engage personnel (not always properly prepared for this) to deal with the organization of the conference. What's more - we have no guarantee that it will really stand up to the task. So is it worth to take such a risk? Our guests' dissatisfaction and organizational shortcomings will definitely not pay off for us.


Urban fringe - why is it worth looking into?

The main reason is that the conference halls located in such places are not affected by street noise, typical for the city center, which can sometimes be very annoying. Contrary to appearances - getting to them is not more difficult, because we can avoid traffic jams and parking problems. They also tend to be located in more attractive places than those in the city centre. This is especially true for training and conference centers located outside the city. Certainly, the organization of the conference in such a place will slowly give us the necessary distance to the daily work in the company.


Additional attractions

Beautiful views, clean air and silence - These are probably the assets that we have not taken into account, and which will certainly be an additional attraction for the invited guests. Molo Centre located in the center of Poland, has meeting rooms The hotel is situated in a high standard area, from where you can enjoy beautiful views of the Sulejowski Lagoon, surrounded by a landscape park. In such conditions, water sports enthusiasts will be fully satisfied, especially those to whom we can offer such a form of spending free time. Additionally, they will have an opportunity to rent the necessary equipment (kayaks, pedal boats and even yachts). Which of the big-city conference and training centers can provide its guests with such attractions?


Team building events

More and more often organization of conferences is also combined with teambuilding events for employees or informal meetings for guests. Thanks to Centrum Molo it is possible to organize such a meeting at the Sulejowski Lagoon. It is possible to add e.g. kayak race or water competition. Other alternatives may include Hikes, orienteering and barbecues. Certainly in the city center we wouldn't be able to provide our guests with such attractions. If we add well-equipped and prepared to receive (even the most demanding guests) conference rooms - we can be sure of the success of the event organized by us.