Conference program - how to prepare it properly?

conference program

Organizing a conference is a large and demanding undertaking. We engage a lot of people, the preparations last even several months. Conference participants need to be provided with a suitable place, training materials and an interesting program. It is this that will determine the number of participants. A good, interesting conference program will attract the attention of potential participants. So how to write an attractive conference program?


The conference program is most important

Conference program is a detailed plan of the entire event. Given to the public, printed on advertising materials, it is supposed to encourage potential participants to buy tickets. A good program includes a detailed and chronological list of speeches divided into days. When preparing a conference, inviting speakers, looking for a place to hold the conference, in the back of our minds we already have the idea of creating a conference program.

Conference program layout

When preparing the conference program, you must stick to the outlined layout, which consists of a dozen or so important points.

1. Looking at our script from the top, we have in turn: information about the organizers - these are logos and names. Here carefully add the names of the co-organizers. A mistake in their name can be deeply embarrassing.

2. Then we have: the title of the conference, the date, and conference venue.

3. We pass the part with the name Conference program - it is the element opening the whole skeleton

4. When creating the program, you will still need information about the opening of the conference, the title of the topic session.

5. Finally, the most important part - the chronological schedule of speakers.

6. The schedule should also include information about coffee breaks. For each speech, we can add a short note with information about the speaker.

7. In the next section we enter the closing information for the conference. This is important to indicate what time we end our event.

8. An hourly conference schedule brings order to the speeches, but also lets your guests know when specific talks begin. It may be that the participants of your conference will want to attend only the lecture of the selected speaker. Marking the hours of each lecture is a great help for your speakers.

9. At the very bottom - we give contact to the organizers, logo and name of the sponsor.

Conference success

The most important thing is the idea. When preparing a conference and therefore a program, we need to consider what is the main purpose of our event. Who do we want to see in the audience?
Is the topic we will be talking about important and valuable to the audience?
If we already know why we are organizing this meeting, it will be easier to create a conference program. It is according to the topic of the event that we will choose specialists - speakers, with whom we will create the conference program.
The success of our event will be measured not only by the number of participants, but also by the feedback on the conference. A respectable group will judge whether the participation in our conference was valuable and necessary? They will make such analyses holding in their hands the conference program and advertising materials. It is these elements that we must prepare flawlessly, legibly and interestingly. So that they do not end up in the nearest trashcan right after the meeting is over.
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