Andrzejki, Christmas Eve. Discover special events for companies!

St. Andrew's Day, company Christmas Eve, carnival party, New Year's Eve. There are so many special events for companies throughout the year.
So many opportunities to get together with work colleagues and socialize.
If you are not an amateur of organized team building events or you do not like to part with your family...
We have a suggestion for you!
Imagine party at the hotel With your wife or husband and your work buddies.
I guess it's a perfect party?
There is no shortage of occasions to celebrate, and you can organize a special event for the company and your loved ones in almost any hotel.
All you have to do is have a good look around at the offerings.

Party with your sweetheart and colleagues. Just need a hotel for special events

Offering such an event provides you with everything you need.
Excellent food, dancing, lodging, and last but not least additional activities.
The dates of these events are well known to you, all you need to do is get your team together and book your hotel.
Why is it worth organizing a company Andrzejki party?
Perhaps many of your colleagues at work, don't have the plans or the financial means to throw an Andrew's Day party at a hotel or club.
The proposal of joint fun, without a large financial outlay (assuming that it is the company that pays for such a trip) will appeal to many people.
There will be quiet time for boss speeches, employee awards.
This is going to be a successful integration.

Such a special event for companies is also an opportunity for employees to get to know their families and spouses.
Building such familial, collegial relationships will positively impact your collaboration within the company.
After all, you're a team, you integrate, you support each other, you complete projects.
With your wife by your side, a cool location, and your colleagues, any integration just has to work.

special events

Special events in the hotel - our proposals.

St. Andrew's Day is a magic-filled evening.
Sylvester is a common farewell to the old year, and the company Christmas Eve is a time for professional summaries and reflections.
Corporate special events really can have several facets.
We are not trying to convince you to say goodbye to survival trips forever.
However, a St. Andrew's party, in elegant clothes in beautiful hotel interiors, is a pleasant variation of integration.

You're probably wondering, what does such an event have to do with integration?
Rest assured, I hasten to explain.
Well, quite a few actually.
Here are our suggestions.

Company St. Andrew's Day at the hotel

Styled in the 1980s, with his partner by his side.
Yes, it will be a themed event.
Disguises are obligatory. You are a team, you need to stand out, show how cohesive and cool team you are.
In the hotel where the event will take place, arrange with the staff to set aside a place for you in the hall.

It is in their midst, in front of this small audience, that brief speeches from the chief, warm words from the board will take place.
When the employees will be entertained by disco hits of the 80s, delicious dishes and snacks will appear on the tables.
Since it is the evening of Andrew's Day, there can be no lack of magic and fortune-telling.
And this is where the integration element comes in.
A suggestion for you.
Divided into two teams, you participate in a divination tournament.
Rest assured, no one requires you to know this secret knowledge.
Show how much, you are creative and imaginative.
What matters is the idea and imagination.
Each couple divines from one cup.
Your fortune-telling will be judged by a strict jury, including a real expert in tarot and fables;).
Group work, well known to you, will not only positively influence team work, but will also improve team effectiveness.
Team integration really doesn't have to take place in training room.
Be sure to put on your company calendar company party

special events for companies

Together at the Christmas table

Let everyone spend the real Christmas Eve, the one on December 24, at home. With family, traditional dishes and carols.
This company Christmas Eve doesn't have to be organized in a fast-paced hallway with paper tableware.
Your company just needs a hotel for special events.
That is where it will take place, as it should.
Elegant Christmas dinner. Traditional dishes, gifts from the boss, wishes.

A hotel corporate Christmas Eve is actually a one-day stay at a resort.
However, a stay filled with inclusive games.
Our suggestions?
Volleyball in the hotel pool, evening sleigh ride, bonfire and barbecue.
Together with the hotel staff, plan the day from morning to evening.
You will find it will be magical.

hotel for special events

Carnival time has begun!

There's nothing to sit at home at the carnival!
Your boss certainly won't allow it.
He drags you to work during the week, and on Saturday he takes you and your colleagues to a real Carnival Ball at a hotel.
The period of carnival, parties is a good time to organize special events for companies.
We are full of energy, want to have fun, enjoy life.
We work hard and want to have fun and make memories.

Come out of your winter slumber and hit the dance floor.
It is mandatory that you take your partners to such a ball.
This is another opportunity to have fun with a larger group.
The relaxed atmosphere is conducive to making new contacts and building positive relationships.
Show your friends what a successful marriage you are.
Show how close-knit a team you are by dressing up.
Are you an employee of a large company?
Suggest themed disguises for each department.
Straight from the president's hands.

hotel for corporate events

The company's birthday and...the boss
Jubilees, important awards, in a word successes.
These are always worth celebrating with a larger corporate group.
You need a hotel for your special event and a date to celebrate such important moments.
However, it will not be an ordinary party, you will organize an integration ball for your employees, colleagues, clients and business partners.
Such an anniversary ball is an excellent opportunity to integrate employees, improve work efficiency and, thanks to the presence of contractors, increase the celebration.
When invited to such an event, employees feel proud to work for a company that is celebrating its 20th anniversary today.

It is a great honor to be part of such an experienced team.

The company's team building ball creates a pleasant business atmosphere.
It is a time to summarize activities, but also to strengthen business relationships with major partners.
Do not forget that organizing such a special event for the company is an excellent image treatment.
After all, not every company hosts such an event and invites their associates.
Anniversaries, birthdays, awards and successes.
These are important business events for any company worth showing how you celebrate working together on your way to the top.
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