A gift for March 8? A Women's Day package at the hotel!

women's day package at the hotel

Lodz, is the region we will focus on when looking for the best women's day packages.
You can spend this special day with your girlfriends in the hotel spa or you can go for a romantic dinner with your beloved.
With friends, with my husband, with my boyfriend, with my sister.
No matter with whom, this day simply needs to be celebrated royally.
In this article, we will reveal the recipes for women's day at the hotel.

1. Women's Day at the hotel. Lodz offers really many
2. ladies' weekend at the SPA hotel
3. a romantic evening with your beloved


Lodz. Just around the corner, the best women's day packages in hotel

Spring is coming, and with it the holiday of all women. March 8.
On this day we expect, because what is there to hide, yes dear ladies we expect bouquets of red flowers, chocolates with a bow and gifts.
Every year our loved one has to make an effort, they have to top last year's gift.
We have to admit that it is a difficult art. A women's day gift is supposed to surprise us, well that is a difficult art.

That's why we dedicate this article to men and girls who are tired of searching for gifts and know exactly what they want to get for women's day.

In a hotel not at home is where this great celebration will take place. The range of hotels for women's day is limited only to the province of Lodz, but peacefully come to other regions.
This is where you will find spa hotels, recreation centerscozy hotels away from the city.
Women's Day It's not Valentine's Day, so you can spend this holiday with your sweetheart or your closest friend.
The packages we found offer both one-day hotel "stays" and weekends blasted with activities for women.

How much to pay for a girls' weekend at a hotel?
For 2 nights with breakfast, spa treatments, disco, you have to pay for two people about 1000 zł.
For attractions in the hotel, or a few hours stay with friends you have to pay about 100-150 PLN/person.
Admittedly, a hotel stay for that amount doesn't sound like an exorbitant gift expectation?
Maybe instead of a blouse or designer cream, this year you'll opt for a granny option a weekend at the hotel?

Women's Sabbath at the hotel

Just think. You and your best friends at a hotel spa.
You relax with a massage and enjoy some fine champagne.
This is the time for you, give yourself some well-deserved relaxation, on this day especially you must feel special.
There is no shortage of hotels and packages for women's day.
We have some suggestions for you, in several variations: with friends and with your beloved.
In the end, it's all about spending time together.

Women's day at the spa hotel

Rest assured, it won't be just a day, but an entire weekend at a spa hotel.
During this time you ladies will be treated royally, a special fit menu (after all we are all still on a diet),
a special women's drink menu, a glass of fine wine with every dish

Two nights accommodation, 2 x breakfast, 2 x dinner, disco with DJ and what we all are waiting for... spa treatments.

Girls choosing this package will benefit from a relaxing massage, moisturizing hand treatment and a regenerating eye treatment.
You will leave the SPA institute relaxed and maybe even a few years younger;).
However, that's not the end of the... surprises in this package.

Each lady taking advantage of the ladies' weekend will also receive a gift, a beauty product.
All right, ladies. There's no denying it's a package tailor-made for every woman's needs.
There will still be a male surprise.

What is behind this mysterious name?
Stripper show. It's going to be hot.
After all, it's a real girls' outing!
Girls, do you have a bride-to-be in your circle?
How about combining women's day and a girls' night out?
How much do you have to pay for a weekend at a spa hotel?
Prices in the Lodz region range from 400 to 600 PLN/person.
The cost of your stay depends on the standard of the resort you choose.

Women's rally

Women's day at the hotel proposal number 2.
If you don't want to stay in a hotel but just want to have fun in the evening, this package is perfect for you.
For about 120 PLN/person you take part in an event especially for women's day.

We promise, it will be ladies only.
Already at the entrance a welcome drink will be waiting for you.
You will not sit hungry that evening.
There will be 3 hot dishes, salad buffet, sweet and snack buffet waiting for you. In addition, hot drinks, water, juices. But enough about mundane things like food and drink.

That evening, ladies will enjoy makeup lessons and hand treatments.
What else will we find in this package?
Professional photo session (right after the makeup is done), contests with prizes and a show by a stripper, let's call him a magician.
Singles who love to party till dawn will definitely be tempted by this package.
Spa corner and contests with prizes are other strong points of this package.

Let's add that ladies' rally package is available in MOLO Centreand not, as you probably suspected at first, in a spa hotel.
The organizers took care of every aspect of this ladies' night.
Such a ladies' night only happens once a year (although let's not forget about bachelorette partiesIt can be thick on them, too;).

A quiet evening/weekend with your loved one

Our final suggestion is simply a women's day at a hotel with your sweetheart.
With your fiancé, your boyfriend, your husband. We understand, you want to spend the day together.
This will be such a Valentine's Day vol. 2. The couple's package includes, of course, the always-hit romantic dinner.

It's a patent that always makes an apt gift for Valentine's Day, your beloved's birthday or for the mentioned women's day.
Exquisite, delicious food, a bottle of good wine, romantic decorations, yes it is a ready recipe for successful romantic moments.

What else can be included in a women's day package at a hotel?
It will be very difficult to find a package theoretically dedicated to women, yet for two.
Therefore, we encourage you to browse through all the packages for her and him.
Whether it is a spa hotel or a hotel without an institute, but in a very picturesque place that will serve as a backdrop for the proposal, anniversary celebration, or presentation of a gift for women's day.

Dear men, appreciate your women, not only on the occasion of Valentine's Day, your beloved's birthday or Women's Day.
Celebrate moments with your other half every day.
When choosing a women's day gift for her, forgive the sixth moisturizer or purse.
Give her a weekend with her girlfriends at a spa hotel, a well-deserved relaxing, restful, spa moment.
We women like to feel needed, adored...just loved.
You can find great ideas for both Women's Day and romantic moments for two in the offer of the MOLO Centre.
Sulejowskie Lake, picturesque surroundings, peace and quiet.
It's a recipe for relaxation far from the city and everyday problems.