Everything you need to know about a good hotel for the weekend

good hotel for the weekend
Vacations come (unfortunately) only once a year. Next to Christmas and Winter holidays, it is our most awaited period.
The reason is invariably the same - rest.
But why wait until the vacations or vacations when the year has so many weekends?
Plenty of free weekends to spend in good lakeside hotel.
This is a weekend idea that you can repeat every week.
In this article, we will reveal to you what such a good weekend hotel should "have".



A good hotel for the weekend is a luxury hotel?

This is a question many people ask themselves.
Is a good hotel for the weekend the high end, luxury hotel?
Can we afford such a hotel for sure?
All these questions are understandable.
We go for a weekend to the lake or sea, we want to have a successful short vacation.
These days cannot be spoiled by the lack of a hairdryer in the room, or extra charges at every turn.
For each of us, a good hotel will be different.
Many factors go into making a hotel rank well.

These include
- very good guest feedback, reviews, recommendations
- number of stars,
- attractive hotel offer

- awards, certificates and distinctions

Does the hotel you are going to boast all of this?
This customer appreciation, which the resort has been collecting for years, contributes to its high, good position and constantly increasing number of guests.
But back to the question, is a good hotel for the weekend a luxury hotel?
To this question, there is actually no good answer.
Luxury hotels, are characterized by exquisite cuisine, unique design and the highest quality of service, etc., etc.
Additionally, such hotel complexes have a SPA & Wellness Institute and a swimming pool complex.
Will staying in a luxury hotel ensure a successful weekend?
This we cannot guarantee you;)
But we'll give you a hint about the standard of service you can expect from a good hotel for the weekend.
What can you expect?
What to require?

About that in a moment.

A good hotel for the weekend has it all

This hotel offers us an extra meal and that one offers free activities.
Well, here's the dilemma.
Is the offer of the first hotel good?
Is this option a sign that we have chosen a good hotel?
Or do only good hotels offer a lot of freebies?
Remember that you can ask anything, even several times. You have the right to do so.
After all, you want to know what you're spending your money on.
If your stay doesn't include this information, make sure you're not buying a cat in a bag.

Comfortable room, TV and free parking

Comfortable and convenient has to be, that's the bottom line.
What else should be included in hotel room besides the bed?
Cozy and comfortable rooms are equipped with bathroom, TV and Internet
(Internet access - WiFi).
In addition to the bed, there is a desk, dresser and closet for clothes and luggage.

What about bathroom fixtures?
In a good hotel for the weekend, in the weekend package we can count on a set of mini toiletries, towels and a hair dryer.
If the standard packageIf the room does not satisfy our needs, we can choose a LUX room.
This is a room with a higher standard.
In such a room we can expect in addition (in addition to basic equipment) bottles of mineral water, mini bar,
a welcome kit, fresh flowers or a coffee maker
A good hotel has stay packages for every customer.
Appropriately priced to suit the needs of hotel guests.

Bar, restaurant, club, TV room

It's the weekend. You've checked into a good hotel on the lake.
This time will be spent outside enjoying the beauty of this scenic area.
There will be plenty to do at the hotel, too.
A good hotel for the weekend, should offer guests attractions in the area and attractions in the hotel.
What can you expect?
A good hotel has a restaurant, an outdoor grill, a club or disco and a cinema/television room.
Hotels with clubs very often organize discos, theme nights and treat guests to delicious and colorful drinks.

Fancy a sausage from the campfire or some grilled treats?
On sunny days the hotel restaurant organizes outdoor cooking, feasting by the fire. 

Pets and kids

We want to spend this weekend with our family and kids.

Here comes the problem, will such a stay in a hotel ruin us financially?

Peaceful in a good hotel for the weekend, children under 3 are exempt.

Younger children, 0-3 years, are also exempt from these feest.

What's more, parents don't pay for the baby's crib either.

When booking your stay, don't forget to inform the hotel staff about the need to provide such a crib in your room.


What if your kids are a little older?

Children ages 4-12 receive a 50% discount.

If you can't imagine being separated from your pet, take them with you for the weekend.

Good hotel for the weekend, happy to accommodate you and your pet.

However, remember that there is a fee for your pet to stay. It costs approx. 20-30 PLN/day.

A safe place

Every good hotel has a safe place like this.
It is guarded by the hotel staff or by yourselves. We are, of course, talking about the safe.
This is where you can leave valuables (cash, digital camera, etc.).
Do you want exclusive access to the safe?
In many rooms (usually of a higher standard) a small safe is provided, hidden tightly in the closet.
Only the occupant of the room has the key to it.

Attractions at the hotel + nearby attractions

A good hotel for the weekend also includes attractions in the area.
When looking for a resort, we pay attention to its location, neighborhood and tourist attractions.
If you want to calm down, relax and recharge your batteries for the next days, look for a good hotel on the lake.
The proximity of a body of water will only increase the attractiveness of your trip.
Beach, sun, water, jet skis, pedal boats - a recipe for a successful weekend.
Do you feel like exploring the historic area?
For information on tourist attractions, ask the hotel staff, after all, they know this place very well.
Hotels cooperate with local guides and tourist institutions.
As guests of the hotel, you can even look forward to discounts and rebates.
Is your hotel on a tourist trail?
There will be a chance for a weekend adventure, a map with descriptions of the most interesting places can be found at the hotel reception.
If you are looking for a good lakeside hotel, take a look at offer of the MOLO Center.

What's at a premium, what's free?
This is actually a matter to be determined early on.
During your weekend stay, you need to know what you are paying for.
The description of such a package should clearly state which services are free.

If there is no mention of a drink bar in the package, before you empty all the bottles, make sure you can use it for free.

A menu for everyone
Buffet breakfast, open-air dinners.
Vegan and vegetarian dishes, Italian and Polish cuisine.
A selection of dishes must appear in a good hotel for the weekend.
The dishes should be varied, after all, you don't want to eat the same thing every day.
Are you vegetarians?
A restaurant in a good hotel will provide meatless meals.
Are you on a gluten-free diet? Suggest it when booking your stay.
Don't wait until the next vacation.
Don't waste a beautiful weekend sitting at home.
Look around you, there are so many beautiful places to see.
Plan the perfect short vacation for you at a good lakeside hotel.