It's time. We are planning vacations on the Sulejowskie Lake

Each of us rests in a very different way.
Some people enjoy blissful laziness on the beach at 30 degrees Celsius.
There are avid travelers among us who conquer more mountain trails while on vacation.
Others take advantage of last minute and spend their family vacation abroad among the palm trees.
There is one more place left, still loved by Poles. 
You can plan a vacation on the lake not necessarily in Masuria.
You will spend the night close to home, and the car trip with the whole family will not be long and exhausting at all.
In a moment I will tell you the recipe for a successful vacation on Sulejowski Lake.

Book your vacation time. We are planning a vacation at the lake

The much awaited vacation is approaching. Tropical temperatures, summer clothes and sunshine... lots of sunshine.

Throughout the winter months, we long for sunny showers and pleasant holiday weather.

If you are planning a vacation on the lake (with my humble recommendation), it is high time to take a course for the best resorts around Sulejowski Lagoon.

Why right there?

As you remember from previous blog postsTo enjoy the beauty of the vacations do not have to travel hundreds of kilometers in an air-conditioned car.

Yes my dears, here in the province of Lodz we have our own kingdom of lakes.

Sulejowski Lagoon - it is the best place to rest.

But from the beginning...

We start planning our vacation. We take the kids and look for a hotel or resort that will take care of all our needs.
We will rest in comfortable rooms, have breakfast, lunch and dinner in the hotel restaurant and take full advantage of the hotel's attractions.

It really is possible.

Vacations with children at the lake can be planned in several ways.
You can not only relax, but also try sailing, kayaking and windsurfing. The necessary equipment can be found at the hotel staff.

You're probably wondering what else there is to do during a week or even two weeks of rest?

You will find the answers to these questions later in this article.

A short car journey

Employers aren't wasteful, they don't want to let us go on vacation for a few weeks.
If without our presence the company can only function for a week or two.
Chances of real rest are you think?

Nothing could be further from the truth.
I guarantee you that choosing a vacation by the lake in the province of Lodz, not only you will not get tired of the long way behind the wheel but also a solid rest. 

Sulejowski Lagoon is located in the heart of Poland, on the border of several provinces: Mazowieckie, Malopolskie and Wielkopolskie.
All roads lead to the Lagoon?

It's a little bit like that 🙂 .

Residents of Warsaw after defeating 117 km, will start the holiday madness.
Holidaymakers from Lodz, have only to overcome 57 km.
Tourists from Częstochowa will travel through 106 km, from Radom 95 km, and from Rawa only 41 km.

There is a lake, water, beach, sun, picturesque scenery you already feel the holiday bug?


An oasis of calm

Such places really do exist and are closer than you think.

Lakes, surrounding forests, plenty of biking and hiking trails.
Picturesque bays, backwaters, forested shores in such a place rest is pure pleasure.
Sulejowski Lagoon is a real tourist gem in the Lodz region

Charming forest locations serve mushroom pickers and walkers throughout the vacation season.
Fishing enthusiasts have the opportunity to hunt for good fish. The artificial lake is home to many interesting specimens such as zander, pike, bream and carp.
The peaceful area away from the city has everything you need for a lake vacation.

A sailing adventure

Are you looking for a sporty experience? Do you want an active vacation on the lake?

Sulejowski Lagoon is a new, until recently underestimated sailing area.

The basin is navigable throughout and the waters here are safe with a sandy bottom.
During the sailing season, tourists will be able to participate in sailing training and courses.
To earn a real sailing patent.
During the sailing season you will also be able to take part in yacht cruises and company regattas.

Active recreation

You are probably wondering what you can do while on vacation at the lake?

By the sea it's different, there's the beach, the water, the sights, the tourist attractions....

Here at the lake, the same attractions await you.

But let's start at the beginning.

It is also possible to sunbathe on the sand during your vacation on the lake, the lagoon is famous for its sandy beaches so such sunbathing is possible. 

Remember the suggestions from the hotel resort: volleyball, soccer?
A biking trip for the whole family and a must-see evening campfire.
It's supposed to be family friendly, active and safe.

Tourist gems

At the end I have for you some interesting places that you must see during your vacation on Sulejowskie Lake


  1. Pilica River Open Air Museum - It is the most popular place for tourists in Tomaszów Mazowiecki.
    Visitors have the opportunity to see here not only exhibitions, but they can also see reconstructed performances. Real wonders!
  2. Blue Springs Reserve - is a place that adds variety to any vacation on the lake. What is the magic of this place? All the charm of the reserve is hidden in the strongly pulsating springs. The water springs sand from the bottom, which has a unique blue color.
  3. The Nagórzyckie Grottoes - These are artificial grottos created at the turn of the 18th and 19th century. Grottoes are actually caves with numerous corridors and niches. Tourists have the opportunity to go on an underground tourist route. It will be an exciting trip!
  4. European Bison Breeding Center - In the 30s of the twentieth century, buffaloes donated by the Canadian Polish community to President Ignacy Moscicki were kept here. Currently, there is a breeding of bison from Bialowieza.
  5. Niebowo Open Air Museum - is a hundred-year-old thatched cottage in which the interiors have been recreated: the white room, the black room, the kitchen and the hallway. A visit to the open-air museum will refresh your most beautiful childhood memories of visits to your grandmother.
  6. Historical Metallurgical Plant - is a facility with over 200 years of history. The machine park impresses with its restored industrial infrastructure. Here you can hear the sound of machines at every step.

Vacations with kids at the lake really don't have to be boring.
The location, which at first glance does not shine with attractiveness, is only a pretence.
You simply need to research the location of your lake vacation more thoroughly.
Sulejowski Lagoon for many is still a mysterious area without a chance for a successful vacation.
Reading this article will quickly lead many unbelievers astray


Vacations in Poland really can be successful and attractive.

Are you already planning a holiday getaway for the whole family?
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