Rest during the May weekend at the Sulejów Reservoir

What to do during the May weekend or other long weekends that await us in the spring and summer - this is a question facing many of us. Especially that for some of us it is a unique chance to rest from the multitude of daily challenges and responsibilities. Therefore - let's take appropriate steps in advance, so that this special time belongs to really successful.

Rest during the May weekend

Resting on the May weekend is a time we look forward to with impatience. For those tired of everyday life it is a promise of relaxation, all the more optimistic that not one such weekend is ahead of us in the spring-summer period. The long winter took its toll on us, so the vision of approaching sunny days and free time is able to comfort even the biggest malcontents. Hence the very justified question: What to do during the May weekend to make the most of this time? Certainly, such a unique opportunity requires thought and optimal decisions.

Attractions during May weekend

There are many opportunities for relaxation, hence the choice is quite difficult. Certainly in this context it is worth asking ourselves what are our needs, physical condition, financial capabilities and family status. There are people for whom supplementing the sleep deficit is a priority and it is certainly worth taking advantage of this opportunity. Those who have sedentary and intellectually exhausting jobs should definitely spend the May weekend actively. A great idea (and inexpensive) is a bike ride out of town. You can also use the offer of fitness clubs and gyms, which work during the May weekend. You can always just jog in the park or go for a long walk - it will certainly help us "stretch our bones".

Time for family gatherings

In everyday life, when we are busy with work and other responsibilities, we often neglect family meetings and lack time for our loved ones. Therefore, one of the attractions during the May weekend can be family meetings and events. If the weather is good - it is worth organizing a common barbecue or even a bonfire. A great option may also be a joint family trip and spending time in some picturesque place full of tourist attractions. Trips and tours abroad are quite expensive (therefore not everyone can afford it). They can also be quite inconvenient because of the travel, especially for the elderly and children. However, there are many great places in Poland where you can have a satisfying rest.

Good to think about diet

Although it seems obvious that a healthy, well-balanced diet is a prerequisite for good shape and performance, both physically and mentally, it is quite difficult to take care of valuable meals on a daily basis. Therefore long weekends are the right time to catch up on your nutrition and to feed your body with vitamins and minerals. If we lack the time or inclination for large shopping, planning and cooking meals - we can always use a restaurant, especially in a family-friendly hotel. A weekend stay in such an establishment will not only relieve us from cooking, but also from cleaning and other household chores. We will be able to fully devote time for family and relaxation.

Choosing the right place for the May weekend

Certainly, choosing the optimal place to rest during the May weekend is not at all easy - especially given the numerous offers of travel agencies. However, sometimes the most difficult solutions are the simplest ones. Therefore, we suggest having a rest during the May weekend at the Sulejów Reservoir. Why is it worth it? Because it is a charming place in the center of Poland, for years visited not only by Polish tourists. We especially recommend Hotel Centrum Molo, which offers its guests many attractions. Certainly, an indisputable advantage of the hotel is its location - situated in the center of Poland (close to Lodz) it enables efficient and uncomplicated access, and its picturesque surroundings will allow to relax (even the most tired guests).

Excellent cuisine - will make your rest pleasant

Definitely the strong point of the Centrum Molo Hotel is restaurant and offered all-day dining. The dishes served are not only delicious, but also suitable for people on a diet. In the restaurant of the hotel You can enjoy gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian meals and even a three-day cleansing diet. This is a great offer especially for people who neglect rational nutrition on a daily basis. The kitchen also offers meals prepared especially for children, which relieves parents from having to take care of them. A big attraction of the Centrum Molo Hotel are also the wines and the hotel's smokehouse, which provides fish, cheese and even ham.

Water attractions during the May weekend

The Centrum Molo Hotel offers water sports as part of its May weekend attractions. It has a rental of kayaks, pedal boats and even yachts. Resting during the May weekend at the Sulejowski Lagoon is a great option, especially for residents of large cities, which allows you to breathe fresh air. If you don't like water sports, you can play volleyball, badminton or soccer. Hotel Centrum Molo There is a rental service of appropriate equipment, so you don't have to worry about lack of it or taking it with you. And all this surrounded by the Sulejowski Landscape Park.
Surely, after such a weekend we will return home rested, well nourished and oxygenated. In short: satisfied.

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