Where to go in autumn in Poland?

where to go in autumn

Although the time for vacations and summer recreation is behind us, it does not mean that we cannot think about them in autumn. There is no need to go away for a long time - just for a few days or for a weekend. This will help us survive the autumn mood drop and improve our well-being. Especially that autumn stay packages are at very attractive prices.


Autumn packages in resorts

Although the vast majority of people plan their vacations and recreation in the summer - this does not mean that in autumn we have to give it up. On the contrary - when melancholy and bad moods strike - it is worth looking for a way to improve it. Certainly a weekend out of town will help us in this, especially if the weather is good. It is worth remembering that trips at this time of year are usually very affordable, so it is worth reviewing the proposals of autumn packages, and certainly we will find something for everyone.


Which fall staycation package to choose?

It largely depends on how we like to spend our free time and the current weather.


Areas in central Poland

If you are a mushroom picker, you should definitely choose a wooded area. Especially the areas in central Poland by the Sulejowski Lagoon are a real paradise for mushroom pickers. Certainly, forest expeditions will also help us to get some fresh air and improve the condition of our organism, which has been greatly impaired by the autumn season. Additionally, silence, clean air, beautiful views and the possibility to light a campfire and barbecue will definitely make autumn weekend more pleasant. Certainly an additional advantage of this type of trip will be the possibility of using the accommodation of nearby hotels. If the weather is good, we can organize a bicycle trip or a Nordic-walking expedition. Good news: we do not have to take them with us, we can use the rental services available in the resort.


Family-friendly hotel

When we consider the possibility of an extended trip out of town, and we have children and pets - we may have a dilemma, where to take the little ones so as not to harm them and what to do with the animals?

In this context it is worth to pay attention to Hotel Centrum Molo at Sulejowski Lagoon, which meets such dilemmas. Not only has it created great conditions for children's stay (safety, necessary accessories, playground and playroom, and meals), but also offers very favorable prices (children aged 0-3 can stay at the hotel free of charge, and those aged 4-12 for 50% prices).


Pet friendly hotel
Importantly - Hotel Centrum Molo also allows you to bring your pets for a small fee.


Attractions on offer during the autumn stay

We don't have to worry about that at all, because we can also have a great time indoors.


Swimming pool complex and gyms

We suggest that you take advantage of the children's playroom, pool complex, gym and nightclub.


Excellent cuisine

Surely, a definite asset of the Centrum Molo Hotel is its excellent cuisine, which offers a wide range of great dishes - both Polish and international. On the list of menus you will also find dietetic meals - gluten-free, lactose-free, vegetarian, fit and for children. It's worth adding that the hotel has a smokehouse, which provides fresh fish, cheese and cold cuts. The purchasers of autumn stay packages will additionally be able to take advantage of exquisite buffet breakfasts, barbecue dinners, sausages and mulled wine straight from the bonfire and enjoy hot chocolate with cookies prepared specially to welcome guests.


A successful weekend at the resort

Eaten, oxygenated and rested, we will return home in great moods with plenty of positive energy to cope with everyday life and the autumn gloom. And when it becomes unbearable - we can always use autumn packages at the Centrum Molo Hotel, which is open to us non-stop.

Full offer of packages in the Molo Centre can be found here.