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Centrum Konferencyjne Molo is located in the center of Poland in Lodz Voivodeship. We are located about 50 km from Lodz and 100 km from Warsaw, which allows for a short business trip for most companies from Lodz and Mazovia. Our Centre is situated by the Sulejowski Lagoon, thanks to which trainings take place in the vicinity of a beautiful lake. This inspiring landscape will stimulate the creativity of all conference participants.

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Centrum Molo meets the expectations of managers and business owners. We have a large training and conference base, depending on the needs we have as many as six comfortable and well-prepared conference rooms with a total area of 430m². Each of the conference facilities has air conditioning, access to natural light, screen, flipchart, audiovisual equipment and Internet connection (WiFi, LAN). We are in possession of high quality equipment such as multimedia projectors, portable audio equipment and TV sets. On each occasion we provide full technical support, which is always at your disposal. The picturesque surroundings around our center will stimulate creative thinking and reduce stress, making training very effective.

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And after the training, a well-deserved

The beautiful surroundings are an opportunity to relax and regenerate after a day of training. We offer more than 180 accommodations, which are characterized by comfort and cozy decor.In your free time, we encourage you to take long walks in the woods, or to lounge by the shore of the lake. The Pier Center also has a wide range of attractions {link}. There's nothing like relaxing in a group! That's why we offer you themed evenings, a party in the club or a bonfire with delicious food...the options for integration are many, so in our Center valuable group bonds are formed in SO many companies.

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Through the stomach to
Employees' Hearts

The perfect complement to the training? A delicious dinner served in our hotel restaurant. Let yourself be carried away by the explosion of flavors served by our team of talented chefs under the leadership of Chef Jacek Fiedorowicz. We have a very diverse menu that will satisfy even the most demanding palate. Our guests can try dishes of Polish cuisine, enriched with iconic items of European cuisine. We also offer vegan and gluten-free dishes.

pier center grill package


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Dominika Budzińska
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