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What is the secret of the Molo Restaurant's excellent cuisine? We owe its uniqueness to proven recipes and ingredients of the highest quality, largely sourced from local suppliers, which allows you to discover a variety of flavors, depending on the season. The specialty of our cuisine are fish dishes and dishes created using the gifts of nearby forests. Finesse of flavors, the composition of the best ingredients and a pinch of regional character - this is our menu, which creates a team of true culinary enthusiasts ...

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Flavours flowing
from the heart

Talented chefs, led by Chef Jacek Fiedorowicz, take care of the extraordinary taste sensations of our guests. Only the original dishes in our menu reflect the personalities of our kitchen virtuosos and their masterful interpretation of European dishes, perfectly combined with the tradition and love of cooking, initiated in the family home.

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For everyone
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A real composition of sublime tastes can be found in the menu card, created seasonally for each season of the year, even for very demanding gourmets. Guests can taste mainly the specialties of Polish cuisine, enriched with modern notes of European culinary art. To emphasize the distinctiveness of the dishes, our restaurant offers a wide selection of different wines, while connoisseurs of stronger liquors will be offered something from the extensive assortment of high quality spirits. The menu also includes vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options, as well as a special menu designed to satisfy the appetites of our youngest guests.

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A well started day is a guarantee of a smile until dinner. We make every effort to ensure that our breakfast buffet fully meets our guests' tastes. We serve hot dishes as well as classic breakfast proposals, and for dessert - something sweet. Dinners, buffet or served depending on the number of guests in the hotel, surprise with diversity and culinary creation while maintaining delicious flavors.

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