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How to plan conferences with foreign guests?

This is to be an international conference at the hotel. A prestigious event, there will be specialists from the country and prominent names from around the world. There will be an international company that has visited many prestigious foreign hotels. During the conference in Poland, you have a chance to enchant them with the hotel industry in the country. Although organizing a conference is a tedious process, with the help of hotel staff you will prepare a perfect event. You just need to know how to prepare for conferences with the participation of foreign [...]

Hall or restaurant for conferences? What to choose?

Conferences, trainings, business meetings. Where to organize such events? The first thing that comes to mind? A conference room, a training room or a hotel for conferences. Is there still a place where you can organize a successful business event? How about conferences in a restaurant? This is one of the most fashionable trends. 1) Hall, hotel, restaurant? 2. what does a restaurant look like for business meetings? Hotel, hall, restaurant for conferences. What to choose? A conference in a hotel is quite a challenge. [...]

What do you need to know about organizing training and conferences in a hotel?

How much time does it take to organize trainings and conferences? Can anyone organize such business events? Or is it better to outsource this task? That is the question! In this article we will check which of these options is the best. Independent organization of training and conferences in the hotel? Organization by the agency or organization with the help of a hotel? We will check which option is the most beneficial. 1) Organization of training courses and conferences in the hotel - a list of tasks. 2 Independent organization. [...]

Organizing conferences for companies - what to pay attention to

No one needs to be convinced that organizing conferences for companies is extremely important for the business we run. However - in order that the undertaking undertaken by us really brought us benefit, we cannot allow for organizational shortcomings. Therefore, if we plan a business event, it must really put our brand in the best light. Therefore - let us fight for the success with full commitment and in a well-thought-out manner. Conference organization - strategy [...]

Essential equipment for conference centers

Organizing a conference or another important meeting requires a lot of precision. First of all because the level we present will significantly influence our image and cooperation with the invited guests. And as we have probably seen more than once - "the devil is in the details". Even a minor shortcoming and lack of proper equipment can have a significant impact on the way we are perceived by our guests. Therefore, let's take conscious actions. Resort equipment [...]

Organizing corporate events? See why it's worth it!

A large corporation, a company with 300. employees, or a small business. Any company can organize corporate events. These do not have to be luxurious events in four-star hotels with a performance of a music star. Even the smallest company can organize a successful event, which will not ruin you financially. The success of the event is measured by the happy faces of your guests and employees, not by the budget spent on the event. In this article we will tell you what [...]

Is it a good idea to organize a company Christmas Eve party at a hotel?

Christmas is the most awaited time of the year. Eagerly awaited by children, but also by adults. Christmas for us adults is usually associated with a break at work and bonuses that the boss hands out at the end of the year. As we are already on the subject of work. The approaching Christmas is also the company Christmas Eve, both hated and loved by employees. Hotel, restaurant, or office? What place to choose for this most important company Christmas Eve meeting of the year? 1. [...]

We select the best conference centers in Lodz

Is there an ideal place for relaxation and organization of corporate events? After all, one does not exclude the other. The answer is yes! These are conference centers which today no longer resemble forgotten conference hotels. These are modern centers dedicated to business and relaxation in a broad sense. In the Lodz Voivodeship alone you will find hundreds of such places. Conference centers by the lake, hotels in the city center and beyond. There is a lot to choose from. In this [...].

How much does it cost to rent a conference room in Lodz?

Organizing a conference is quite a challenge... financially. Hotel room reservation, catering, accommodation, additional attractions. All this adds up to the price of renting the conference room. We have checked for you how much does it cost to rent a conference room in Lodz Voivodeship? If you are organizing business events in the region of Lodz, check where you can find professional conference rooms at reasonable prices. 1) Why rent a conference room in Lodz Voivodeship? 2. [...]

Check where to organize conferences in order not to overpay?

Creating a budget with all the conference organization is the most important part. You need to plan your expenses well so that you do not overpay for services that are not worth spending so much money on. A well-structured budget will allow you to use your money wisely. In this article we will tell you where to organize the conference, not to overpay. We will also tell you what costs to consider when organizing an event. Check if you should save on the hotel conference room and advertising gadgets when organizing your next event? [...]

5 ideas for team building events at the hotel

Team integration is very important. Every CEO, Founder or President knows this. Integration should be the company's prescription when new employees join the team, or a new team is simply formed. Organizing a successful integration does not have to cost a fortune. What matters is an idea and the right place. In this article we will reveal ready scenarios for integration events in hotels. 1) What hotel to choose for company events? 2. Our [...]

What conference promotional materials to put in the press pack?

Organizing a conference is quite a challenge. This we already know. Conference participants evaluate the conference venue, program, speakers, as well as the organizer. It is the details that determine the success of your event. The venue, the date, the decorations, the catering, the conference leader, the hotel service and the conference advertising materials. This last detail is the so-called conference press pack - a set of materials and symbolic gifts for guests. How to professionally prepare such a press pack for a business conference? [...]

Here's an idea! Organizing an outdoor team building event

Have you ever attended a team building event? Do you remember how it went? Was it well organized? Did you get to know your colleagues better? I ask these questions for a reason. If you answered no to most of them, it means only one thing. The event you attended was poorly organized and not aligned with your company. I won't even go into whether it was organized by an agency or by your bosses. We will not [...]

What can you do after a business conference at a hotel? We suggest

Business conferences in the hotel, events, away trainings, business meetings in the hotel. You know these events very well, you participate in them very often during the year. The scenario is almost always the same. Speeches of speakers, coffee break, backstage talks, lunch break, more speeches and home. And the event is over. Is it for sure? Maybe there is a recipe for how to behave after the conference? Who should you talk to after the business meeting at the hotel? [...]

We know the recipe for the perfect coffee break at a conference!

They say that a good conference can be recognized by interesting gadgets, unusual place and coffee break. There is something in it... Such a break ceases to be just a moment of breath during tedious speeches. Coffee break during the conference can effectively stimulate guests to think. It can effectively wake them up, but above all it can remain in their memory. A tasty, perfectly prepared coffee break will remain in the memory of all conference participants. In this article we will reveal [...]

Hotel for conference. 5 characteristics of a good center

A good conference room means working equipment, comfortable office chairs, reliable hotel staff, suitable hotel location for the conference, professional catering service. ... Have you actually paid attention to all these factors when organizing a conference? If not...stay with us if you are planning to rent a conference room and want to be sure that you have chosen a good hotel or resort. In a moment you will learn what to look out for In this article: 1. a good hotel is [...]

Conference with accommodation. Why is it worth organizing?

Your company is successful, winning awards and industry recognition. You have climbed to professional heights. You are true professionals. Bravo! You prepare an annual action plan, among many items there is room for organizing a conference. Great! Conferences are organized by the greatest in the industry. Where, if not during such events, can you show off your knowledge, experience and achievements? Conference with accommodation? Have you heard about this form of event? Buckle up. [...]

The best gadgets for a conference

Pens with flashlight, pencils with logo, notebooks with colorful notes, cloth bags with logo and finally memory sticks. Promotional gadgets tempt with their unusual look and a lot of functions. This industry is doing really well. We must admit that advertising gadgets sell really well. Companies have effectively responded to market demand. Day and night we can browse through offers with gadgets, categories and ideas are not lacking. There is only one problem. In a maze of [...]

Conference program - how to prepare it properly?

Organizing a conference is a large and demanding undertaking. We engage a lot of people, the preparations last even several months. Conference participants need to be provided with a suitable place, training materials and an interesting program. It is this that will determine the number of participants. A good, interesting conference program will attract the attention of potential participants. So how to write an attractive conference program? The conference program is the most important The conference program is a detailed plan of the whole event. It is given [...]

10 industries that should host conferences

Conferences events, business meetings, integration trips, trainings. These are just a few of the events that companies organize throughout the year. There are many of them, and participation in some of them will be a valuable point in our CV. How to know which events to take part in? In this article, we are going to focus on conferences. We will answer the question why companies should organize them? We will reveal what real benefits the company organizing the conference will gain. For dessert we will serve [...]

How to choose the right conference and training center?

When preparing to organize a conference, we should first of all be aware that events of this type are crucial for building the image of our company. That is why every detail should be well planned and thought over, to avoid unpleasant mishaps. One of the most important steps is to choose a conference and training center, which will be our business card. Hence - let us consider how to make an optimal choice. Choosing a Conference and Training Centre Choosing the right [...]

Team building events for companies - ideas

A company integration event does not have to be boring, nor does it have to be just another employee chore reluctantly entered into the schedule. More and more often integration events for companies are attractive events that the invited people are looking forward to. What is more - they do not have to be expensive - a good idea is enough to make both sides (the employer and the employed staff) feel satisfied. The purpose [...]

Organizing a conference on the outskirts of the city - is it a good idea?

Usually we associate the organization of conferences with big-city skyscrapers or university halls of residence. It is hardly surprising - business or science centers are usually located in the centers of big cities. But does it have to be like this? Maybe it is time to depart from this way of thinking and organize a conference in a completely different place? Organizing a conference starts with choosing a room To make an optimal decision (also in terms of choosing a room [...]

How to prepare a conference room?

Preparing a conference room for a corporate event is a lot like preparing your home for guests. We usually do our best to take care of every detail and do our best to make our guests happy. In the case of business meetings - we face an even greater challenge, because our business future may depend on how we perform. Preparing the conference room As it is commonly known - the first impression [...]

What should a training room look like?

A suitable training room is undoubtedly the foundation of successful training and conferences. Certainly, events of this type can not be held in random places or merely replacing a conference room. So - let's look for a place that is properly prepared and equipped for training. We should also take into account the appearance of the training room, which plays no less a role than our clothes and in a similar way represents the company's brand. [...]