Your child will remember this day for years to come

communion party at the hotel

Quality and experience

First Holy Communion is a unique and stressful event in the life of every child. Communion party is not only a form of celebration of this day, but also an opportunity to reward the effort put in the preparation for this sacrament. Organize the Communion party in the Centrum Molo and do not worry about the course of the ceremony. We have years of experience in organizing similar events. Our experts will advise you on every aspect of planning the evening, and professional waiters will be at your service throughout the event.

holy communion reception at the hotel

Fairytale Scenery
and festive decor

The Molo Center is located adjacent to the picturesque Sulejowski Lagoon, so the ceremony will take place in a truly fairy-tale setting. Such a landscape is not only a complement to the reception, but also a great place to conduct a communion photo session. A festive atmosphere will be provided by our rooms, which can be suitably arranged according to the client's preferences.

holy communion reception at the hotel
restaurant for holy communion

Delicious food
and flexibility

At the Pier Center, you decide how you want your event to look. The menu selection is individually tailored to satisfy every guest at the communion table. If you have any doubts, our chef will give you professional advice about the list of dishes. We are characterized by great flexibility, so we openly approach each new idea or doubts outlined by you.


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