Honeymoon hotel in Poland

Honeymoon travel is an integral part of planning a wedding and reception. More and more couples decide to go on a honeymoon right after the wedding. As a rule, we decide on exotic vacations in the most beautiful parts of the world. Maldives, Thailand, Greece, Spain. What makes you think that you can't have an equally good honeymoon in Poland? 1) Honeymoon in Poland 2) Honeymoon hotel. Which one to choose? Honeymoon [...]

3 ideas for a weekend out of town

Not only May Day and long weekends are opportunities to escape from the big city. Every weekend of the year is an opportunity to explore our country and discover real tourist gems. Crowd-free weekends in the low season are a chance for a weekend of quiet relaxation without the crowds. Do you think that in autumn, winter and early spring you cannot spend an attractive weekend away from the city? Łódzkie is a region that offers both weekends in style [...]

Where to vacation in Poland? There is one such place.

Vacations. Who among us doesn't love the vacations? We long for them throughout the fall and winter. With the first signs of spring, we are already making plans to swim in the water and relax on the beach. We are drawing up plans for relaxation and carefree fun. The coronavirus pandemic has effectively thwarted many foreign vacations, but who says you can't spend a good vacation in Poland? In order to avoid crowds and rest safely, bet on places with a guarantee of intimate relaxation. Instead of well-known resorts, [...]

3 ideas for a weekend at a hotel in the woods by the lake

Why not drop everything and go to a hotel in the woods? Go to the real wilderness, without the noise of the city, access to the virtual world? Only you and nature, true relaxation close to nature. It is possible and very much needed by us busy people. Rushing through the week at work, at least at the weekend let's give ourselves a real break. What do hotels hidden in picturesque forest nooks offer us? 1. hotel offer for the busy and tired 2. package [...]

A gift for February 14? Romantic Valentine's Day at the hotel

Throughout the year, there is no shortage of opportunities to give gifts to your sweetheart. From Christmas gifts, to birthdays, name days, relationship or wedding anniversaries to the lovers' holiday. And it is the latter that causes the most problems. What to buy for Valentine's Day? What gift to choose for her? An Internet search engine is extremely helpful in this case. The search for phrases related to the holiday of love increases significantly since mid-January. Maybe instead of searching the net [...]

Christmas with kids in a hotel? We select the best offer

Can Christmas be family-oriented and traditional away from home? Are we likely to have a magical family atmosphere in a hotel? For all parents who want to spend Christmas with children in a hotel, we have good news - Christmas away from home can be even better than at home. The condition is one, for Christmas with family in a hotel take your loved ones. Why Christmas hotel deals can be a better option than Christmas at home [...]

Where to for a weekend near Warsaw?

From Monday to Friday you are involved in a murderous work rush in the capital of Poland? Constantly just work, work, home, kids, work? Who of us does not know this pattern? But you don't have to rush around all the time and finally find some time to relax. But not the usual one, in front of the TV and with food from a delivery service. Just before the longed-for Friday, start hunting for a hotel near Warsaw for the weekend. In the offer short, successful relaxation [...]

We choose a hotel for the wedding. Łódzkie delights with its proposals.

A historic palace, a luxury spa hotel with a swimming pool, a wedding house or a village fire station. There are really many places to organize a wedding reception. Everything depends on several factors. The idea for the wedding, the number of guests and the opinion of customers of a given venue. This is of course a limited list of points. In this article we will reveal how to choose the best hotel for the wedding. Lodz, Mazovia, Silesia - the region does not matter, everywhere you will find a rich offer [...]

Can vacations with children in Poland be attractive?

The end of school is most welcome for students. Before them two months of blissful laziness and relaxation. Parents are faced with the question of where to go on vacation with their children to make it a successful vacation? Hotels have already started the battle for the Polish tourist. Which destination to choose? Sunny relaxation in Spain, a tourist tour of Croatia, relax on a Greek island? Are foreign vacations really a guarantee of a successful vacation with children? In Poland, after all, you can also [...]

We're going to a hotel by the lake for May

One of the longest free weekends of the year is approaching. May Day. As soon as warmer days start and warm us up after the cold and sad earth, we are already thinking about it. We pull out our grills from the basements, look for recipes for delicious salads to accompany the fried meat, lay out our deck chairs, put on our sunglasses and relax on this long May weekend. If this year you want to really, thoroughly relax, laze around, visit an interesting place and for those [...]

Where to go with a friend for the weekend?

Sometimes you can think only of yourself. Not just for Women's Day or your birthday. This one time you can leave your kids in the care of your husband. You can leave your boyfriend in front of the PlayStation console and go for a girls' weekend at a hotel with your best friend by your side. Wondering where to go with a friend for a weekend? To a cozy hotel by the lake. You will be sunbathing, relaxing in the SPA, sailing, tasting delicious food and just having fun. 1. where [...].

3 ideas for a weekend with kids at the lake

Every weekend the same scenario. The couch in the living room, sweet and salty snacks, and of course him... the king of family entertainment - the TV set. There is no need to be ashamed of it, almost 45% Polish families spend their free time this way. While you are straining your eyes in front of a glass screen, many families spend an active weekend with their kids in a hotel by the lake. Just think, the beach, pier, bicycles, pool, walking, bonfire. [...]

A good hotel for relaxation? Hotel with a view of the lake

Vacations, vacations, weekends for two have one ingredient in common. Rest. Relaxation at home in front of the TV is becoming a thing of the past. We relax in spa hotels, choose active rest and recharge our batteries in a hotel overlooking a lake. We want to take advantage of the beautiful weather, travel around the country, visit interesting places, and opt for committed rest. Free days are worth their weight in gold, it is not worth wasting them sitting at home. In this article we will reveal where [...]

All you need to know about the hotel rooms at the lake

Fabulous surroundings, breathtaking scenery, beautiful hotel, friendly staff, delicious food, comfortable room. These are the expectations of every hotel customer. It should be nice, pleasant, comfortable. We live fast, we quickly consume material goods, so at least we want to rest pleasantly, comfortably and nicely. Hotel offers tempt us with family atmosphere, luxurious interiors, attractions. If you want to spend your free time in a comfortable room, you need to know what you can expect [...]

New Year's Eve with children in a hotel. Where to go?

No one should be alone on New Year's Eve. It's the only night of the year. Everyone around encourages you to say goodbye to the old year. You think to yourself: where can I have fun when my kids are sleeping behind the wall? We know how to organize good fun for everyone... for adults and for children. It won't just be New Year's Eve with kids in a hotel, it will be a family New Year's Eve trip. List [...]

Vacation is over? Check out where to go for the weekend!

Is summer over? The long-awaited vacation is long gone. And it was so beautiful! Only vacations motivate you to travel? After all, Poland looks wonderful all year round, there are still so many places to discover. Every weekend a new place. Every weekend a new adventure. Don't waste a single free day for sitting at home. You have no idea where to go at the weekend? With a little help from us you can fill up all [...]

We know where to host a romantic lakeside engagement!

Spectacular sunset, warm sand on the beach, the quiet murmur of the water in the lake. In the middle of the water a boat, and in it people in love, staring, dreaming, in a moment happily engaged. This story is impressive, isn't it? And it can be your story of a romantic engagement on the lake. In this article we will tell you how to organize an unforgettable engagement at the lake. We will tell you what kind of engagement will impress your beloved. Dinner at a restaurant? [...]

Everything you need to know about a good hotel for the weekend

Vacations come (unfortunately) only once a year. Next to Christmas and Winter holidays, it is our most awaited period. The reason is invariably the same - rest. But why wait until Christmas or vacations, when the year has so many weekends? Plenty of free weekends to spend at a good hotel on the lake. This is a weekend idea that you can repeat every week. In this article, we will reveal to you what should [...]

Check out our ideas for lakeside corporate events

This will not be another boring and stiff corporate trip. It can't be a corporate event at the lake that only pretends to be a team building trip. It cannot be like that. And it won't be. Your location point is a hotel by the water. You will spend the night in comfortable rooms, spend the day on the lake and enjoy the charms of such a corporate event. Now the unbelievers and malcontents will ask, what can you do on the lake? Here I will surprise you, [...].

An Italian weekend by the lake? It's possible!

Italy, Spain, Croatia, Turkey and finally Greece. Who of us would not like at least once in a lifetime to visit these places? They enchant with views, attract with rich culture, bewilder with pearls of architecture and landscape and finally tempt with delicious cuisine. It's magical, vacations are just around the corner. Do you dream of such a foreign vacation? Sun, water, hot sand... You can dream. Are you already looking at offers for holiday resorts on the lake? [...]

Find a guesthouse on the lake and spend Christmas in a hotel

They say everywhere is good, but home is best. Because we feel best at home. We feel at home there, we grew up and grew up there. We always like to return home... especially after holidays and vacations far from home. Isn't that where we relax just as much on vacation? What if this year, you take the whole family to a holiday resort by the lake and spend a family and beautiful Christmas in a hotel? And although they say, [...]

It's time. We are planning vacations on the Sulejowskie Lake

Each of us relaxes in a completely different way. Some like blissful laziness on the beach at 30 degrees Celsius. There are avid travelers among us, who conquer new mountain trails during their vacation. Others take advantage of last minute and spend their family vacation abroad among the palm trees. There is still one place left, still loved by Poles. The lake. Vacation on the lake you can plan not necessarily in Masuria. You will spend the night close to home, and the trip [...]

Where to go for a romantic dinner at the lake?

It's cold, winter is viciously dogging us with frost. So what! February is the most romantic month of the year. Certainly because of the lovers' holiday, which we celebrate every year on February 14th. Or we pretend that February 14 doesn't exist and avoid all the kissing couples. This will be difficult, I assure you. The atmosphere around Valentine's Day, restaurants and stores have been effectively heating up since we unwrapped all the Christmas [...]

These places are a must see! Where to go for a weekend at the lake?

The Łódź Province is a real tourist gem mine. When planning a vacation, winter or weekend, we can be sure. Not only will we rest, but also enjoy the tourist attractions. In this article we will focus on interesting tourist spots on the lake. Table of contents: Why Lodz is a good choice for a holiday by the lake? We will tell you 4 places for an attractive weekend vacation in the region Suggest where to look for accommodation for the whole family Choose a vacation on the lake [...]

Winter holidays. Where to go with children?

Finally we can take a break from school, stressful work. We can go somewhere with the whole family, relax, recharge our batteries and on the way back count down the days until the vacations. Winter vacations are such a smaller vacation, for these two weeks you can plan many activities. You just need to choose wisely among winter offers. Family winter holidays Students in the Lodz province start their holidays on January 29 and end them on January 11 [...]

Check out our recipe for a weekend for two at a hotel

Summer vacation time is over. We will still have to wait for the holiday vacation. Get through the awful winter snowdrift to see the first rays of sunshine. You don't have to plan your vacation until the vacations. What are weekends for, if not for romantic weekends in a hotel? In this article, we'll tell you how to plan interesting weekend activities at a hotel resort. How to plan a romantic weekend in a hotel? When planning a romantic weekend [...]

Where to go in autumn in Poland?

Although the time for vacations and summer vacations is behind us, it doesn't mean that we can't think about them in autumn. It is not at all necessary to leave for a long time - just for a few days or a weekend. This will help us survive the autumn slump in mood and improve our mood. Especially since autumn staycation packages are at very attractive prices. Autumn staycation packages at resorts Although the vast majority of people plan [...]

Idea for a holiday weekend - kayaking

Vacations are slowly coming to an end and with them the season of warm weather. Therefore, it is worth taking advantage of the last days of summer to relax and "recharge our batteries" before the increased effort that awaits us with the start of the new school year. The most valuable for our health and well-being will certainly be outdoor activities, so let's look for an idea for a weekend with the family away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Active outdoor recreation The time for summer vacations is coming to an end [...]

How to safely spend your vacation at the lake?

Every year during the vacations, we hear about accidents that occur in the water. Drowning is one of the most common, but there are also spinal injuries from jumping into the water, injuries and sunburns, and even strokes. It turns out that in the vast majority of cases, these situations could have been prevented. So why do they happen? Usually because, for example, vacations at the lake in Poland seem so banal to us that we forget about the basic rules [...]

Vacations in a hotel by the lake - an idea for a family trip

Daily rush and excessive duties make it quite difficult for us to find free time for our family. And even if we do manage to do it - these are usually meetings full of tension and stress, in a hurry, which does not allow us to fully relax. That is why it is worth planning your vacation in such a way as to spend it as effectively as possible with your loved ones and to make everyone feel equally satisfied. Despite appearances - [...]

How to spend vacations with children?

When planning a vacation with children - we should take into account at least several aspects: our financial capabilities, the age of children, their health, but also our physical condition. It is not advisable to choose a vacation offer without taking these parameters into account. Sometimes we give in to attractive offers without thinking and end up returning from vacations more frustrated than relaxed. Therefore, let us think about how to spend vacations with children so that our [...]

Sailing camps for children at the Sulejów Reservoir

Sailing camps for children at the Sulejow Reservoir is a very attractive vacation option for the youngest. Therefore, if you are looking for an interesting holiday opportunity for your child - it is worth considering this option. Sailing camp for children at the Sulejowski Lagoon will not only provide participants with unforgettable experiences, but also teach them many useful skills. Vacation plans - it's high time to make a decision Ahead of us is a long [...]

Rest during the May weekend at the Sulejów Reservoir

What to do during the May weekend or other long weekends that await us in the spring and summer - this is a question that many of us face. Especially since for some it is a unique chance to take a break from the flurry of daily challenges and responsibilities. Therefore - let's take the right steps in advance to make this special time one of the truly successful ones. May weekend relaxation May weekend relaxation is a time, [...]

How do you prepare for the boating season?

Preparing for the sailing season is a complex process. It is not enough only to have good equipment and the right skills - it is also worthwhile to take care of mental and physical condition in advance and strengthen the body to cope with such a large effort as sailing. That's why preparations should be planned and implemented well in advance, so that everything can be put on the "last button" in time. Sailing - a popular water sport Sailing belongs to water sports. Its essence is [...]