Hotel events at Sulejow Lagoon

There is always something going on at our hotel!

Our hotel has already hosted many special events.
As well as we as a hotel frequent the world.
Stay tuned and watch our ongoing development.

A wonderful place for meditation and spiritual development - Smardzewice Hotel Centrum Molo

We have hosted incredible people at our charming hotel with a terrace overlooking the picturesque Sulejowski Lagoon! We are extremely proud that we had [...]

Innovation training for firefighters at the Molo Center Hotel

What hotel in Lodz for corporate training? Of course, the Molo Center at the Sulejowski Lagoon. This is an extremely important event, [...]

Smoking in MOLO 2023

Hi everyone! Check out our fantastic chefs' passion for smoking. At our hotel we value quality, [...]

Presentation of the trophy by our Event Manager at the KSW81 gala.

Presentation of the trophy by our Event Manager Sandra Goworek. The winner was Maria Silva, our undefeated Guest! HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!!! [...]

Summer, forest and summer prices... How about this combination?

Why is it a good idea to hold training sessions on vacations? The sun will positively affect the efficiency of participants, the greenery around will allow concentration and creative [...]

In winter, prices decreasing and discounts increasing....

January and February is the time to plan activities and set goals for the year. Use this period to train Employees [...]